Master of Accountancy Student Experience

The Accountancy Department and Beta Alpha Psi host an annual Beta Alpha Psi Awards Banquet to honor outstanding students in accountancy. The banquet features the presentation of awards for excellence to both MAcc students and undergraduates, and to the Accounting Alumnus or Alumna of the Year. In 2012, James D. Gottfried, ’73, 2011–2012 chair of the Ohio Society’s Executive Board (OSCPA) and former partner with Ernst & Young, was named Alumnus of the Year.

Each year, the department also invites a guest speaker as the Thomas Dickerson Lecturer to present to the department and students on the afternoon of the banquet. In 2012, we welcomed Carolyn H. McNerney who presented on the topic “Private company professional accounting engagement performance standards: state of the art and considerations for the future.” McNerney is the co-director in charge of the SS&G assurance services department overseeing audits, reviews and compilations of privately owned businesses and audits of employee benefit plans. McNerney has more than 25 years of public accounting experience having worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers prior to joining SS&G. She was recently appointed to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Auditing Standards Board and is the immediate past chair of the AICPA’s Accounting and Review Services Committee.

What Is it Like to Be a Weatherhead Student?

At Weatherhead, small class sizes mean one-on-one interaction with academic pioneers and industry leaders. Our faculty excel in teaching as well as research, and students prize the opportunity to share their insights and excitement in the most up-to-date and creative areas of management studies. The diversity of our student body, too, enriches the graduate experience with points of view from countries and cultures around the world. Because students tend to learn from one another as much as from teachers, teamwork is a prominent feature of many classes; Weatherhead students form friendships within and outside of the classroom.

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