Dual-Degree Admission Information

Application Procedure

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with interviews arranged subsequently. Contact us for more information regarding the application procedure, program fees, financial aid, or entry requirements.

Entry Requirements

Tuition Fee and living expense estimate of abroad residency study trip

For 2012 intake, tuition fee will be RMB 250,000 in total. Students pay RMB 50, 000 to Tongji at the beginning of the first academic year and RMB 50,000 at the beginning of the second academic year; Students will pay RMB 150,000 to Case Western Reserve University at a time noticed later.

For 2011 intake, the living expense of abroad residency study trip (in Summer 2013) will be around $3,000 in total, including three meals at around $30/day and campus living (furnished apartment with private bathroom) at around $70/day.

Degrees Awarded


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