MD/MBA Student Experience | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

MD/MBA Student Experience

Split photograph of researcher in lab and students in a classroom

Transitioning from the School of Medicine to the School of Management

The idea of switching from a lab coat to a business suit can be intimidating. Business schools have a reputation of being stuffy, cutthroat places, and as a student of medicine, you might feel apprehensive about whether you will fit in.

All of the students in the Weatherhead School of Management come from different backgrounds, levels of experience and industries. Everyone is acclimating to the program. Business students at Weatherhead are just like you—ambitious and dedicated students who also like to have fun. Students who join the program from the School of Medicine do not feel like outsiders but find themselves among peers.

Weatherhead Classroom Experience

The Weatherhead culture is all about collaboration. 80% or more of the assignments and tasks are completed in groups to simulate how business is done in the “real world.” Classes are strongly conversation driven with lots of encouragement to participate and voice opinions.

This significant difference between Weatherhead and the School of Medicine, where most of the coursework is completed independently, is a key advantage for those in the MD program who will inevitably need to work in teams in future career settings.

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