MD/MBA Dual-Degree Program | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

MD/MBA Dual-Degree Program

Prepare to become a licensed and board certified physician while also gaining the tenants of effective leadership and the tools to navigate and manage the business of healthcare.

Case Western Reserve University's MD/MBA joint degree is offered by the School of Medicine and the Weatherhead School of Management. Explore additional School of Medicine dual-degree programs.

Why pair your MD with an MBA?

Becoming a physician is the most likely career path for MD/MBAs, but this “MBA for doctors” gives graduates the tools to deal with the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The benefits of the MD/MBA dual-degree program include gaining an understanding of business’ role in healthcare, entrepreneurship and the need for innovation and new business models as the healthcare sector changes.

Expanded career options

When you combine the Doctor of Medicine degree with an MBA, more career opportunities become available. With this dual-degree, you could secure positions in:

  • healthcare consultation
  • hospital administration
  • hospital operations
  • pharmaceutical and medical device management
  • family practice management

and more.

Two degrees in five years

Students who enroll in the MD/MBA gain the benefit of time and tuition as it takes more time and money to pursue these degrees independently of each other. Coursework for both programs is usually completed within five years, and it must be completed within six years of the date of initial enrollment in either program.

Interested in learning more? Contact Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine Admissions for more information on how you can combine your MD with an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management.