MBA/MS-Medical Physiology Dual-Degree Program

Maximize your potential by earning a MBA from Weatherhead School of Management and a Master of Science in Medical Physiology from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine simultaneously.

The dual MBA-MS Medical Physiology degree is offered by the School of Medicine and the Weatherhead School of Management to provide the skills and knowledge necessary for those who wish to attain the following goals:

MBA-MS Medical Physiology candidates must complete separate applications, participate in the required admission tests and be admitted separately to each program. Students will continue to register throughout the program in the school where they first registered.

Getting More for Less!

Students obtain both degrees in just 2 years! Normally, if one were to acquire the MBA and MS Medical Physiology degrees independently, it would require the completion of 60 hours for the MBA program and 36 hours for the MS program (a total of 96 credit hours). But students enrolled in the MBA/Master of Science in Medical Physiology (MS) program get their Dual-Degree in just 66 credit hours.

So how does 60 plus 36 equal 66? In the first year (2 semesters) of the dual degree program, students are required to complete 18 credit hours of coursework in Medical Physiology. These 18 hours constitute the one year core curriculum of the program. The remaining 12 hours of elective courses normally required for a stand-alone MS degree are satisfied by accepting 12 hours of course work from the MBA program.

In the second year (3 semesters), students complete 48 credit hours of graduate level coursework at Weatherhead School of Management. While the students are taking the MBA courses, they are on a leave of absence from the MS in Medical Physiology program. The remaining 12 hours of elective courses normally required for a stand-alone MBA degree are satisfied by accepting 12 hours of coursework from the MS program (two, 6 credit hour Medical Physiology courses - PHOL 481 – Medical Physiology I and PHOL 482 – Medical Physiology II). Therefore, a student saves 24 hours of coursework by doing the MBA/Master of Science in Medical Physiology dual degree rather than obtaining each degree separately and over a longer period of time. The dual degree program requires only 5 semesters to complete.

Ask about the option to take the first year (Medical Physiology) online

While it is highly recommended that the dual program is taken entirely on campus, interacting with cohorts and faculty, engaging live lectures and seminars, and benefiting from our network of business partners and affiliated hospitals (University Hospital Case Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Metro Health Hospital, and The Cleveland Veterans Association Hospital), we understand that physical attendance is not always convenient. Therefore, we offer an alternative for the first year in which students can take the Medical Physiology coursework online. Contact us at or 216.368.3242 for more information.