MBA/MS-Medical Physiology Dual-Degree Program | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

MBA/MS-Medical Physiology Dual-Degree Program

Combine your degree in medical physiology with a solid foundation in business to strengthen your hiring potential and boost your confidence within the healthcare workplace.

Case Western Reserve University’s dual-degree MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management and Master of Science in Medical Physiology from the CWRU School of Medicine will help you reach new career levels and goals in just two years.

Why pair your MS-Medical Physiology degree with an MBA?

While a hospital is a place that administers care, at its core it is also a company. Whether you decide to follow a clinical or administrative route, a medical business degree will teach you to speak the language of management and communicate with both medical and non-medical colleagues.

Understanding both the business and healthcare provider side of the hospital will help set you apart from your peers. As a practitioner, you will be able to adapt better in the ever-changing healthcare environment while contributing to positive, sustainable change in your organization.

Expanded career options

When you combine the MS-Medical Physiology degree with an MBA, more career options become available. With this dual-degree, you could apply for positions in:

  • healthcare consultation
  • hospital administration
  • hospital operations
  • pharmaceutical project management

and more.

If you intend to continue into medical or osteopathic school, dental school, a PhD program, or other related programs, this dual-degree will enhance your chances of admission.

Two degrees in two years

Earn the MBA and MS-Medical Physiology dual-degree in just 71 credit hours, saving yourself time and money. Independent of one another, the MBA program requires 60 credit hours and the MS program 30 credit hours (a total of 90 credit hours).

In order to make it easier for students to complete both degrees, the two programs accept some credit hours of elective coursework from each other in order to fulfill the requirements for both degrees. Taking the dual-degree program saves students 19 hours of coursework they would be required to complete if they obtained both degrees separately. To see the full course sequence for the two degrees, view the curriculum page.

Interested in learning more? Contact Thomas Nosek with the MS-Medical Physiology for more information on how you can combine your MS in Medical Physiology degree with an MBA from the Weatherhead School of Management.