Designing Sustainable Systems Program Schedule

Doctor of Management (DM) students who have successfully completed two years of the DM coursework may apply to the PhD in management; Designing Sustainable Systems program. DM students accepted in the PhD in Management: Designing Sustainable Systems program remain with their cohort and continue the residency schedule of classes which take place four times during the Fall and Spring semesters as well as a summer seminar session.  The first year of the PhD program is the third year of the DM curriculum.

The second year of the PhD program is organized as a series of two-day research workshops which take place on-campus one weekend in the summer, two times during the fall semester and two times during the spring semester.  During these workshops, the student presents and discusses his/her dissertation work. The program also includes independent study of relevant research literature as recommended by the student’s dissertation committee.

On-campus Program Schedule

  • Summer 2017
    • July 28-29
  • Fall 2017
    • October 6-7
    • December 1-2
  • Spring 2018
    • January 19-20
    • March 9-10
  • Summer 2018
    • July 27-28
  • Fall 2018
    • September 28-29
    • December 7-8
  • Spring 2019
    • January 18-19
    • March 8-9