Designing Sustainable Systems Alumni - Class of 2015

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  • Mariana V. Amatullo, PhD
    • Vice President, Designmatters Department
      Art Center College of Design
      Pasadena, CA
    • Dissertation: Design Attitude and Social Innovation: Empirical Studies of the Return on Design
  • Laurie A. Branch, PhD
    • President / CEO
      Iroquois Group, Inc.
      Olean, NY
    • Dissertation: Attentional Change Decisions: Exploring the Role of Attention in Shaping Change Decisions: A Mixed Methods Approach
  • Christina Coidakis-Barss, PhD
    • Stragegic Projects Manager
      Cleveland Clinic Foundation
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Interprofessional Teams in Healthcare: A Mixed-Methods Study
  • Philip A. Cola, PhD
    • Vice President, Research and Technology
      University Hospitals, Case Medical Center
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Helping Top Talent To Thrive: The Significance of Relational Capacity, Teamwork and Organizational Support
  • Heather R. Grooms, PhD
    • Partnership Director
      Advisory Board Company
      Washington, DC
    • Dissertation: Team Adaptation and Mindful Boundary Management: The Dynamics of Internal and External Balancing
  • Stephen P. Miller, PhD
    • President
      GenSpan, Inc.
      Asheville, NC
    • Dissertation: Developing the Next-Generation Leadership Talent in Family Business: The Family Effect
  • Joseph M. Wall, PhD
    • Chair, Department of Business Administration
      Carthage College
      Kenosha, WI
    • Dissertation: Disempowering the "Robin Hood" Fraudster: Empathetic Pathways Weaken Regulators and Enable Fraudulent Behavior – A Framework For Redesigining Controls
  • Montressa L. Washington, PhD
    • Senior Managing Consultant
      Baltimore, MD
    • Dissertation: Organizational Adoption of Social Media Technologies: A Mixed-Methods, Multi-Level Study of Effects on Productivity and Work-Home Life Balance
  • Victoria C. Woo, PhD
    • Director, Asia-Pacific
      Harvard Business Publishing
    • Dissertation: Thriving in Transition: Cognitive, Social & Behavioral Resources For Times of Change