Design & Innovation Students

Deepa Gopal

Program Status: Qualifying
Paper Presentation: Open Source Software Requirement Engineering - Effect of Environment and Distributed Cognitive Modes on Attributes of Requirements Produced

Deepa's research interests are primarily centered around the requirement engineering practices in software development. In particular, her work is geared towards understanding how such practices vary according to the organizational environments affecting the development process and the aftermath of such effects. She is also interested in how people and organizations perceive technology and how security considerations affect such perceptions. Deepa is a software engineer with over 7 years industry experience mainly in the automobile sector. She received her MS in IT & Automation Systems from University of Applied Sciences Esslingen, Germany and her BTech in Electronics & Communications Engineering from TKM College of Engineering, University of Kerala, India.

Kipum Lee

Program Status: Candidate

Kip is interested in the role of design in bringing together the various divisions of an organization into a unified and beautiful whole. As the Head of Design embedded within a mid-sized organization, his research focuses on exploring and articulating the ways in which design - through project work and interactions with managers - can lead to organizational change. Kip has a BAS in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania and a MDes in Interaction Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

Aron Lindberg

Program Status: Candidate
Dissertation Title: The Role of Routines in Coordinating Open Source Software Development

Aron’s research focuses on the role of routines in design contexts in general, and on open source software development in particular. Through utilizing computational techniques such as sequence and social network analysis, combined with qualitative inquiry, he studies how designers in various contexts use routines and digital tools to coordinate socially, technically, and temporally distributed cognitive work. Aron has an MSc in Business Administration & Economics from Stockholm University, Sweden, and a BSc in Business Administration & Economics from Gothenburg University, Sweden.

Charles McElroy

Program Status: Candidate

Charles is interested in understanding the fundamental dynamics of socio-technical systems as they apply to topics related to the environmental sciences and national security. Specifically, he is researching how heterogeneous environmental science teams utilize cyber-infrastructure to address issues of climate change and sustainability. He has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Classical Languages from the Borromeo College of Ohio, a Master of Communication Management from John Carroll University and a Master of Liberal Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Eduardo Milrud

Program Status: Candidate

Eduardo’s passion for design has taken him from designing products and experiences to the design of processes and organizational frameworks. Currently his research is focused on conceptualizing design as mediation between agency and structure. He believes that by exploring and understanding the interplay between constrains and enablements at a project and individual level, more effective and positive frameworks for design and the designer could be developed. Before starting his PhD at Weatherhead School of Management, Eduardo’s professional experience includes corporate and consulting design responsibility, as well as teaching positions. He holds an M.S. from Art Center College of Design, and MBA from John Carroll and a B.S. from Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Binhuan Xie

Program Status: Beginning

Binhuan is interested in organizational innovation and design, especially how design and innovation were taken place in the start-ups in China. She is now exploring the new organizational models that better supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the shifting market. Previously she worked in a start-up in Beijing. She holds a BA in Art and Design from Fudan University, and an MDes in Interaction Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.