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Design & Innovation: PhD in Management

COVID-19 Admissions Update

We understand the constraints our applicants are facing as a result of COVID-19. You can connect directly with recruitment managers for your specific program through virtual office hours and online information sessions for more information on program start dates, application process, standardized tests and more.

Weatherhead's PhD in Management brings together the disciplines of information systems and marketing to prepare scholars for path-creating research on consequential issues faced by organizations and managers.

This world-class management doctoral degree program in the Department of Design & Innovation seeks to develop scholars who:

  • Challenge conventional wisdom
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Are skilled in rigorous research methods that transcend the qualitative/quantitative divide
  • Desire a career addressing significant organizational problems

We value thought and action that betters the lives of people, contributes to a just society and maintains a sustainable environment. Our objective is to be recognized globally as a distinctive force in management research that is founded on interdisciplinary, outward-looking faculty collaboration, and that addresses deep problems confronting today’s organizations.

PhD in Management Program Features

The Department of Design & Innovation offers a PhD in Management that builds upon our school's history of firsts. Among Weatherhead's innovations in management and doctoral education are:

  • The first-ever doctorate in operations research, grounded in analytic system science
  • The first-ever doctorate in organizational behavior, centered around a humanistic, appreciative approach to management inquiry
  • The first-ever Doctor of Management (DM) program for practitioner-scholars, concerned with analyzing problems of management practice

This design management PhD program within the Department of Design & Innovation takes as inspiration our school's tradition of breaking new ground to launch a distinctive, one-of-its-kind doctoral program dedicated to rigorous scholarship at the nexus of intelligence, innovation and customer interactions both external and internal to the enterprise.

PhD students will generally engage with problems grounded in practice, building on traditions in the disciplines of information systems, strategy and marketing. A belief that informs the program is that action underlies inquiry, strategy informs action, and innovative action creates customer value. The fundamental units of action are the ongoing relationships between the enterprise and its varied stakeholders, and the fundamental metric of action is the creation and capture of customer/stakeholder value. Therefore, the PhD program encourages a hands-on education, broad exposure to technique, close association with industry and intensive workshops with senior faculty.

The guiding principles for PhD studies in the department of Design & Innovation are:

  • To develop scholars with the interdisciplinary theoretical grounding and methodological skills that enable path-creating research on important management problems
  • To prepare scholars and educators capable of holding academic positions in top universities and research institutions
  • To produce scholars with a reputation as risk-takers who are unafraid to embrace the unconventional and engage in exciting research that informs both disciplinary and interdisciplinary interests
  • To train graduates that value partnerships with practitioner-scholars who share their interests and engage in joint exploitation of research opportunities for publication in top scholarly journals

The department plans to recruit four students every year.

Learn more about the PhD in Management curriculum and find admission information such as application requirements, deadlines, and program start dates.

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