Accountancy PhD Alumni Dissertations | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Accountancy PhD Alumni Dissertations


Khalid Rasheed Al-Adeem
Accounting Theory: A Neglected Topic in Academic Accounting Research
Kevin Carduff
Corporate Reporting: From Stewardship to Contract. The Annual Reports of the U.S. Steel Corporation (1902-2006)


Saad Abdul-Razzak Al-Kazemi
Patenting Activity, Firm Innovation Characteristics and Financial Performance: An Empirical Investigation
Brian Hogan
Does the Market Know? Evidence from Managerial (Non-) Reporting of Financial Stealth Restatement.
Debra Chih-Hsien Liao
Does Corporate Governance Reduce Information Asymmetry of Intangibles?
Songtao Mo
The Information Content of Audit Opinions in the Post-SOX Era


Reed Roig
Relative Efficiency of the Internal Capital Market in a Multi-Division Firm.


Wen Yu
Managerial Opportunism and Earnings Surprise: An Investigation of Insider Trading and Perceived Market Value Divergence


Evelyn McDowell
Reciprocity and Financial Information Relevance.


Pei-Gin Hsieh
Analyst Forecast Error: Evidence from Restated Earnings and Analyst Affiliation.
Garen Markarian
Analyst Forecasts, Earnings Management, and Insider Trading Patterns.
Mira Weiss
The Effects of After-Tax Return Disclosure on Investor Decision Making.


Abdulmalik Al-Hogail
The Valuation Effect of Investor Behavior on the Relevance of Financial Information.
Aim-orn Jaikengkit
Corporate Governance and Financial Distress: An Empirical Analysis – The Case of Thai Financial Institutions.


Sabam Hutajulu
Content Analysis of the Evolution of Discretionary Disclosure at Texaco Inc.: An Agency Theory Perspective.


Kevin F. Brown
An Empirical Examination of Peer Review in the Accountancy Profession.


Toni Smith
Tax Policy Effectiveness as Measured by Responses to Limits Placed on the Deduction of Executive Compensation.


Salaiman A. Al-Tuwaijri
The Relation among Firm’s Characteristics, Environmental Performances, and Environmental Disclosure: An Empirical Study.


Nandini Chandar
Investment Company Reporting: Earnings Management And Valuation Implications Of Closed-End Fund Restricted Security Investments.


Rodney K. Rogers
An Empirical Investigation of Financial Analysts’ Sources of Information.


M. Sudarwan
The Dynamic Relationship between Culture and Accounting: An Empirical Examination of the Indonesian Setting.


Thomas R. Robinson
External Demands for Earnings Management: The Association between Earnings Variability and Bond Risk Premia.


Jack M. Ruhl
An Empirical Study of the Effects of Incongruence within a Firm’s Financial Planning and Control System on Managers’ Project Selections.
Barbara Turk Uliss
Reporting Interest Rate Swaps: The Association of Disclosure Quality with Credit Risk and Ownership Structure.


Alan T. Lord
The Effects of Contextual Factors on Auditors' Decision Behavior under Pressure
Linda J. Zucca
An Empirical Study of Firms Engaging in Partial Writedowns of Long-lived Assets


Robert J. Bricker
An Empirical Investigation of the Intellectual Structure of the Accounting Discipline: A Citational Analysis of Selected Scholarly Journals, 1983-1986


Daniel E. O’Leary
The Relationship of Nonaccounting Disclosures to Firm Valuation and Profitability: An Empirical Analysis of Tobin’s Q Ratio (planning, control systems, accounting, strategic groups, replacement value)


Linda B. Ferreri
University Budget Systems: A Test of Contingency Theory at Private Institutions


Linda M. Stillabower
United States Taxation of Foreign Direct Investment of United States Corporations: An Analysis of Selected Proposals for Reform


Richard J. Boland, Jr.


Lanny M. Solomon
Computer-assisted Instruction in Undergraduate Accounting Education


Elise G. Jancura
The Economic Implications of the Use of Labor Resources by Hospitals


William F. Schmeltz
Accounting and Management Control Practices in Petroleum Refining