PhD in Management – Accountancy | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

PhD in Management – Accountancy

Learn to conduct meaningful research in a uniquely open and collegial environment with supportive behavioral, critical and historical perspectives.

Our PhD in Management - Accountancy program seeks to train thought leaders who will influence accounting scholarship, education, and practice over their careers. Our four-year program emphasizes academic research and writing, and we expect our graduates to pursue appointments at research universities. A desirable outcome would be placement at a school that focuses on a research mission (often called R1 and R2 institutions). Such a placement will enable a graduate to maximize the value of their doctoral training. We also expect that anyone who applies already has a passion for teaching students and is committed to improving their abilities to transmit their knowledge of accounting to subsequent generations.

PhD in Management – Accountancy Student Experience

Funding includes four years of paid tuition, paid health care, and a monthly stipend of no less than $3,333 ($40,000 per year). The stipend is compensation for work performed for the department and its faculty, as described below. Cleveland’s cost of living compares favorably with other cities in the United States.

Expected teaching service is to be negotiated with the Department Chair. Typically, doctoral students would first serve as a Graduate Assistant (GA) for faculty members and then be an independent instructor of at least one class before graduation. Faculty members will provide mentoring on pedagogy when doctoral students serve as GAs. Student evaluations will be provided to doctoral students when they serve as independent instructors. Doctoral student work during the summers will be assisting faculty research.