Doctor of Management Testimonials

What is the value of participating in a DM program

We are often asked what is the value of the DM program? What is the ROI on my investment? Though this cannot be estimated exactly but only in rare cases we will offer below several benefits as reported our current students and alumni. Most of our alumni indicate that their study in the DM program has materially and directly impacted the way they work and think. Moreover, their ongoing research often informs their practice immediately. The research they do in the program often has generated findings that they can use in their workplace to guide action. Many times it has resulted in IP that has been patented or trademarked or lead to new and different consulting engagements. Moreover, learning how to do research enables students to engage in new research in the workplace and expand it. We provide below testimonials that have been collected over the years from students about the impact of the program on their work, career and management practices.


Impact of the Program on Intellectual Skills

Valuing Disciplined Thinking

The most valuable tool is the tool of observation and deferred judgment until you observe more deeply. I don't just jump to conclusions … before I went, I think I would jump to conclusions faster. It taught me how to stop, think, look around an d ask questions.

I would hope that I was a better thinker… I got better at guarding against overconfidence… I added a degree of maturity.

The methods that I learned have been helpful. My approach to things is much more thoughtful than in the past. One of the big problems that business has in general is that our concepts are very weak, we don't think conceptually in a business context… theories of collective action, I use that stuff! What is the commons? What are the externalities? … It has changed my approach to lots of things.

It enabled me to bring a different level of composure to that part of my life, and on a professional level it helped me look at issues in a way … an evidence-based approach.

…a more scientific approach to these things, regardless of whether on the business or academic side

There's no doubt the program affected my thinking—I had no formal skillset in quantitative or qualitative methods—it made me a broader more disciplined thinking … it really makes you think to a different level

It has allowed me to think a little bit differently—professionals tend to read something and make very blanket statements… I try to question my assumptions… my statements have been more guarded and well-thought out.

Impact of the Program on Professional Practice