Doctor of Management Testimonials

The DM Program is a passport! It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in a completely different way of looking at things, while at the same time taking a step back and performing better in your everyday work.

— Dr. Ann Kowal Smith
Doctor of Management Class of 2010

The DM Program truly engaged me, and it also stretched me out of my comfort zone. It gave me a platform for meeting my aspirations in life.

— Dr. Shyam Giridharadas
Doctor of Management Class of 2009

The ability not only to think like a scholar but to be a bridge in the practitioner-scholar world was another goal, and I have managed to do that.

— Dr. Beth Fitz Gibbon
Doctor of Management Class of 2009

The DM Program was a terrific place to bring my interdisciplinary interests together and to synthesize them.

— Dr. Maurice Apprey
Doctor of Management Class of 2006

In the DM Program it was clear, both from a faculty perspective and a student perspective, that we were people who were really interested in knowing and understanding.

— Dr. Ron Fountain
Doctor of Management Class of 1999

I have always been a rather voracious reader. But the DM Program pushed my reading into a different realm: more academic articles, more theory. And then it pushed me to apply that theory to the real world that I was either working in or leading. That's a benefit to organizations as well as a benefit to yourself.

— Dr. Jeff Ferguson
Doctor of Management Class of 1999

The DM process itself was very transformational. As a pure practitioner, I was exposed to research and an intellectual way of thinking. After graduation, I was able to combine the two.

— Dr. Hugh Rashid
Doctor of Management Class of 2008

It helped me to see the whole system of organizations in which we operate, and to discover how to impact performance, and how to operate in the global environment today.

— Dr. Jackie Stavros
Doctor of Management Class of 1998

We set very high standards for the quality of the work the DM students do. As a result, we expect that the work can be presented at the best conferences to academic audiences. Up to 80% of DM students do present their work at leading-edge conferences.

— Kalle Lyytinen, PhD
Iris S. Wolstein Professor in Management Design
Faculty Director, DM Program and Professor, Information Systems

We empower our DM graduates to make more informed decisions, engage in critical thinking, and bring this wealth of scholarly thinking to bear on their everyday issues.

— Nick Berente, PhD
Assistant Professor, Information Systems, University of Georgia
Affiliate Instructor, DM Program

Because our DM students do work that is very novel and is based on such hard-to-get data, either qualitative or quantitative, they are making contributions to literature that are really seen as unique and important.

— Richard Boland, Jr., PhD
Elizabeth M. and William C. Treuhaft Professor of Design in Management
Chair and Professor, Information Systems

By taking a transdisciplinary approach and using multiple methods of analysis, we encourage students to do really transformational work that can expand the boundaries of a particular problem from different perspectives and also bring experience from a variety of backgrounds together.

— Bo Carlsson, PhD,
Professor, Economics