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Doctor of Business Administration Program Research

The DBA program at Weatherhead School of Management offers an extraordinary learning opportunity for senior professionals. If you are seeking to conduct a rigorous study on compelling issues of management practice and want to advance principles of evidence-based management through acquired research skills, look no further.

As a student conducting research at a world-renowned research institute, you will integrate multiple theoretical frameworks and approaches to reach an understanding of business and societal problems. During the three-year program you’ll learn to apply both qualitative and quantitative research methods in a theory-generating and validating cycle, thus acquiring a rich set of techniques and models for bridging traditional research and real-world evidence to address issues in management.

You are required to prepare and submit research papers to appropriate high-quality academic conferences for review and presentation. Typical venues for paper presentations are the yearly conferences of the Academy of Management, the Association for Information Systems, the Decision Sciences Institute, the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action, and the American Marketing Association

You will join a program where students frequently make presentations at prestigious conferences and win awards for their papers and presentations.

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