DBA Nonprofit Fellowships | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

DBA Nonprofit Fellowships

The DBA/DM program provides a limited number of DBA/DM Nonprofit Research Fellowships to support a select group of students who are outstanding leaders in the nonprofit or public sector. Fellowships offer partial scholarships that help to defray tuition expenses. Candidates for the fellowships must meet the regular DBA admission criteria and in addition, show unusual promise for contributing to the development of the nonprofit or public sector. Individuals will be considered for partial funding for up to three years of tuition. Fellowships typically range between 10 to 20 percent of tuition which is then deducted from the full tuition amount.

Application Instructions

Applicants to the DBA program who wish to be considered for a Nonprofit Research Fellowship must complete all of the application materials for admission to the DBA program and meet the following two requirements:

  • Demonstrate a record of significant involvement within the nonprofit or public sector
  • In addition to the seven regular essay questions required for admission, submit an eighth essay (limited to two pages) addressing the following questions:
    • How have your experiences in the nonprofit field, your interests, and your professional goals influenced your desire for admission to the DBA program?
    • What role(s) or impact do you want to have in the nonprofit sector?
    • What audiences would be the primary users of your research and why?

If you have questions about the DBA Nonprofit Research Fellowship, please contact mdbaprogram@case.edu.