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Summer 2018
Welcome from the Director
By Kalle Lyytinen
Image of Kalle Lyytinen

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is again the exciting time of the year when we tie our ropes, search for and dust off our hats (those who have attended the Commencement ceremony know exactly what this means for me) and dress up in our best. We celebrated the DM Programs’ 20th Commencement ceremony on May 20, 2018. Sixteen new doctors walked on stage to be hooded, joining the brotherhood and sisterhood of academic scholars. We congratulate them all for their hard work, resilience, imagination, insight, discovery and learning. We look forward to collaborating with them as new members of the DM alumni family.  

This edition of the DM Digest formally announces the $5 million capital campaign for the DM Practitioner Scholar Center. This is a significant endeavor as we prepare for our 25th anniversary celebration, which will take place in 2020. The campaign seeks to generate financial support from our alumni and business community to support a wide range of vital activities including student scholarships, alumni activities focused on Engaged Practitioner Scholarship (EPS), the Engaged Management ReView, new research initiatives, an endowed chair in engaged management scholarship, executives in residence and so on. These are all essential elements of our ambitious expansion of the DM Programs to propel our intellectual movement and community, and help us continue to expand our global impact. The capital campaign is also a response to the intensified competition we have been experiencing in the last few years and a way to ensure that our intellectual leadership flourishes in the years to come. You will hear more about the campaign with details about how you can provide support and participate. We hope that we receive a strong and positive response to this campaign from the DM community through friendly competition between cohorts, dedicating a memorial of some faculty or in support of the program that is dear to your heart.

We all are thankful for the experience of participating in this wonderful program. I am pleased that our program faculty have been the first to contribute to this initiative. I am truly humbled and grateful for having the opportunity to serve and work with such a wonderful community of people.

Sincere regards,

Kalle Lyytinen
Distinguished University Professor
Iris S. Wolstein Chair
Department Chair, Design and Innovation Department
Director of Academic Affairs, Doctor of Management Programs
Editor-in-Chief Engaged Management Review

Our Practitioner Scholar Community is Growing!
By Philip Cola, PhD, Associate Director, Academic Affairs, DM Programs
Image of Philip Cola, PhD
It has been an exciting past few months to be a practitioner scholar associated with the Weatherhead School of Management. Our traditional Graduation reception was held the night before our May 2018 Commencement for our graduates, their families and friends, and I was honored to welcome our 16 graduates of the DM /PhD programs as alumni. We are a flourishing global group of 286 practitioner scholars. I emphasized to our newest alumni the significance of relevance and rigor in their research, but more importantly, to embrace the opportunities within the community that they have joined. READ MORE .
Welcome DM Program Grads!
News from Beth Fitz Gibbon, DM '09, Council President
Image of Beth Fitz Gibbon
I want to add my welcome to the graduates to our alumni community. The most consistent theme we continue to hear is the importance of building and sustaining our community of practitioner scholars in management. That sense of community is critically important to us, the DM Programs alumni, for the on-going success of our programs and for the value of our degrees. READ MORE .
Congratulations Grads!
recent graduates sitting

The following is a list of our graduates and their dissertation titles,

Joseph Adelegan

Green Investment and Organizational Performance: The Case of the Pulp and Paper Industry in Nigeria
Justin Ames
Antecedents to Managerial Moral Stress:  A Mixed Methods Study
Cory Campbell
The Changing Landscape of Finance in Higher Education:  Bridging the Gap Through Data Analytics
Natasha Conley
Barriers and Facilitators of Growth in Black Entrepreneurial Ventures:  Thinking Outside the Black Box
Arron Fraser
A Mixed Method Study of What Influences Subsidiary Managers' Compliance With Headquarters Instructions
J. Rodolfo Jimenez Andrade
Fifteen Minutes of Shame:  A Multilevel Approach of the Antecedents and Effects of Corporate Accounting Scandals
Daryl Jones
What Really Matters to NFL Fans: The Effects of Team Performance and Self-Confidence on Fan Commitment and Purchase Intention
Christopher Lamb
Still Crossing the Quality Chasm:  A Mixed Methods Study of Physician Decision-Making when Treating Chronic Disease
Jennifer Nash
The Power of Relationships:  Navigating the Dance of Change through Executive Coaching
Olufunso (Funso) Olulafe
The Dynamics of Business Success in Nigeria’s Energy Industry
Tarina Pettiway
Learning Within and During IT/IS Projects: ITS Process, Antecedents, and Outcomes
Shabazz Rah-Khem
Dealing with the Complexity of Organizational Change: The Middle Managers' Role in Contributing to Planned and Emergent Change
LaVonne Slaton
STEM Entrepreneurs: Educating Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Underrepresented Minorities (URM) and Non-Minorities for Job Satisfaction and Career Success
Donald St. Clair
Mixed Methods Study of Factors Influencing Business to Business (B2B) Sales Performance: The Role of Design Attitude
Abraham (Avi) Turetsky
Making Heads and Tails of Distributional Patterns: A Value-Creation-Type and Sector-Based Analysis Among Private-Equity-Owned Companies
Dartanian (Doc) Warr
The Professional Development Mindset: A Key Ingredient in the Development of Leaders

Richard Boyatzis, PhD headshot
Many of you may recall the DM course assignment called “Reflection Paper.” Continuing that theme, we will regularly feature a Q&A with members of the DM community. Our first conversation is with Richard Boyatzis, PhD, on the impact of Practitioner Scholarship in Management.
Application of Management principles to practice is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced work environments – Please tell us about how you help experienced managers change their thinking and approach through empirical research.

Having taught in the DM since the first cohort arrived (and only missed teaching the second and third cohorts), I seek to adapt my style and design of the learning experiences to their career, life stage and experiences. Each class has exercises that bring the DM s into the feeling of this concept, explore its meaning and then link them to the many theories and research evidence about it. Read more.
Elizabeth B. Morse, DM
                    '06 headshot
One student’s journey transformed into fifteen years of scholarship support. Elizabeth B. Morse, DM ’06 , created a scholarship in memory of her late husband, Mitchell, a former student in the Doctor of Management Program, which has resulted in 15 years of support for DM students. Read more.
Picture of Larry Clay and Mukhtar Yusuf, both from the DM Class of ’19, and Lucia Desantis-Heddleson, PhD '19.
The 2018 recipients of the Mitchell V. Morse Memorial DM Scholarship are Larry Clay and Mukhtar Yusuf , both from the DM Class of ’19, and Lucia Desantis-Heddleson , PhD ’19.
image of Daryl L. Jones, DM ’18.
The Doctor of Management Scholar Practitioner Award recognizes an outstanding reflective practitioner. This year’s recipient is Daryl L. Jones, DM ’18.
image of Ellen Schmidt Devlin, DM
The Doctor of Management Student Leadership Award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding leadership in the DM program. This year’s recipient is Ellen Schmidt Devlin, DM Class of 2019.

Bravo and Congratulations on New Jobs and Appointments!

  • Matt Gymer, DM ’07 , Head of Product & Client Solutions, Hughes Data Science, Triangle Park, North Carolina.
  • Bruce Gockerman, DM ’08 , Industry Assistant Professor of Public Administration, Illinois Institute of Technology, Stuart School of Business.
  • Byron C. Clayton, DM ’09 , Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM), Carnegie Mellon University.
  • David Hyatt, DM ‘11 , Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas was named as Coordinator of Academic Sustainability.
  • Cory Campbell, PhD ’18 , Assistant Professor of Accounting (tenure track), Scott College of Business, Indiana State University.
Recent Presentations and Publications:

Jacqueline Stavros, DM ’98. Conversations Worth Having: Using Appreciative Inquiry to Fuel Productive and Meaningful Engagement . Co-authored with Cheri Torres and Introduction by David L. Cooperrider, May 2018. Learn more

Michael Grieves, DM ’00. The Evolution of the Digital Twin: A visionary product concept brings big changes for the future, IM-io International , March 2018.

David Hyatt, DM ’11. Johnson, J. L., Dooley, K. J., Hyatt, D. G., & Hutson, A. M. (2018). Cross-sector relations in global supply chains: A social capital perspective. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 54(2), 21-33.

(2018). Arkansas egg company: Cracks in the specialty egg market. Case Research Journal, 38(1), 1-8 (Available here ).

David Jones, DM ’13. “Passive Activity Losses and the Real Estate Investor”, David E. Jones, Real Estate Law Journal, Volume 46, No 1, Summer 2017 (pp 43-55), (ISSN 0048-6868) is published quarterly by Thomson Reuters, 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN 55123-1396.

“The Home Mortgage Interest Deduction is Upgraded,” David Jones and David Ryan, Real Estate Law Journal, Volume 46, No 2. Fall 2017, (197-211), (ISSN 0048-6868) is published quarterly by Thomson Reuters, 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN 55123-1396.

“Tax and Economic Issues Owning Real Estate in an IRA,” David Jones, Real Estate Law Journal, Volume 46, No. 3 Winter 2017, (426-438), (ISSN 0048-6868) is published quarterly by Thomson Reuters, 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN 55123-1396.

“A Reverse Like Kind Exchange: Opportunity or Not?”, Volume 46, Number 4, Spring 2018. REAL ESTATE LAW JOURNAL (USPS 0979-240), (ISSN 0048-6868) is published quarterly by Thomson Reuters, 610 Opperman Drive, Eagan, MN 55123-1396.

Anthony (Tony) Scardillo, DM ’17 , interviewed for the Times Herald-Record called, Experts: Use caution sharing personal information on social media. Read more

Joseph Adelegan, DM ’18 , Green Investment and Business Performance: The African Experience , was selected for presentation at the conference “Green transformation and competitive advantage: Evidence from developing countries”, 18-19 June in Bonn, Germany.

Larry Clay, DM ’19 , Case Research ShowCASE and Intersections, April 20, 2018, oral presentation, Success Towards Sustainable Development Implementation in Lagging US Cities? A Grounded Study .

Robert Warren, DM ’19 , American Accounting Association Northeast Ohio, April 27, 2018 with Timothy J. Fogarty, The Dark Side of Income Tax Enforcement: A Qualitative Investigation of the Work of IRS Special Agents . Read More

image of Dijo Alexander, PhD
Dijo Alexander, PhD '18 Building Big Data Analytics as a Strategic Capability in Industrial Firms: Firm Level Capabilities and Project Level Practices , May 23, 2018.
2018 Upcoming Events:

AoM Annual Meeting in Chicago, August 10-14.

Sunday, August 12, 2018, 4:00-6:00 p.m. , Hyatt Regency Chicago, Soldier Field room.
Join us for our annual gathering of Doctor of Management (DM ) alumni, students and engaged practitioner scholars at AoM. Professor Kalle Lyytinen will share the next phase of results from the DM alumni study initiated in 2016 and we’ll host a panel discussion about establishing "Centers" within a university setting, moderated by Jeff Frey, PhD ’19 , who is launching an Entrepreneurship Center at Houston Baptist University this fall.

We are looking for alumni who are running Centers at their universities to volunteer as panelists. If interested, please contact Varun Nagaraj, PhD ’19 , at . We look forward to meeting you in Chicago!

Monday, August 13, 2018, 8:30-10:30 pm.
Annual ORBH/DM AoM Reception, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Plaza A & B Room.

September 6-9, 2018
EDBAC Engaged Management Scholarship Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

November 2-3, 2018
DM Reunion

November 15-17, 2018
ARNOVA in Austin, TX

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