Doctor of Management News

  • Governments must spend more on cybersecurity

    Tim Summers, PhD in Management '15 and CEO of Summers & Co., explains to CNBC how tech-savvy ISIS recruits are using encrypted channels and other means to communicate.
  • Edward Mahon, DM '10

    Mahon recently published a book, Transitioning the Enterprise to the Cloud: A Business Approach.
  • James Hemsath, current Doctor of Management student, appointed to the U.S. Department of the Interior

    Hemsath, DM '17, has been appointed to the North Slope Science Initiative Science Technical Advisory Panel as a member with expertise in petroleum engineering.
  • Mikhail Oet, PhD candidate

    Oet's paper, "Stress in Financial Intermediaries: Validity and Dynamics," has been accepted for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland's and Office of Financial Research's December 2015 Conference on Financial Stability.
  • Practitioner-Scholar Speaker Series: Ann Kowal Smith, DM '10

    Ann Kowal Smith, DM '10 and executive director of Books@Work kicked off the Doctor of Management program's new Practitioner-Scholar Speaker series. The series features one alum each semester who is firmly in practice and using evidence for a scholarly contribution that has the potential to make a meaningful contribution to the academy as well as practice.
  • Kalle Lyytinen to receive honorary doctorate

    The Copenhagen Business School has awarded Lyytinen, PhD and professor of Design & Innovation, an honorary doctorate, which he will receive in March 2016.
  • Agustin Arbulu, DM '02

    Arbulu selected as next executive director for the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.
  • Lori Kendall, PhD candidate

    Kendall's paper, "Predicting Innovation Through Leadership Emotional Intelligence and Team Climate" has been accepted to the 4th International Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Deirdre Dixon, PhD in Management '14

    Dixon is the recipient of the 2015 Kenneth E. Clark Student Research Award from the Center for Creative Leadership and International Leadership Association.
  • Stephen Brand, DM '04

    Brand has been named Senior Director of Business Programs for Bay Path University's American Women's College Online.