Doctor of Management

Business leadership is increasingly required to integrate multiple sources of knowledge, understand the perceptions of diverse parties and put human values into action. Executives are challenged to create social, intellectual and economic value for their organizations and for society at large based on rigorous and sound evidence. Recognizing these challenges, the Weatherhead School of Management offers two doctorate degrees in management for working professionals: the Doctor of Management (DM) and the Designing Sustainable Systems track in the PhD in management.

The DM is a three-year lockstep program with an option to pursue the Designing Sustainable Systems track in the PhD in management. DM students’ research projects are evaluated by a faculty review committee over the course of the program at critical research milestones.

Doctor of Management (DM)

Year One
  • Identify problem of practice
  • Understand & synthesize relevant literature
  • Complete conceptual paper
  • Initiate qualitative research project
Year Two
  • Complete qualitative research paper
  • Develop theoretical model
  • Initiate quantitative research project
Year Three
  • Complete quantitative research paper
  • Complete dissertation composed of qualitative and quantitative research projects
  • Integrate research projects into dissertation

PhD in Management, Sustainable Systems

Additional Year
  • Directed independent research
  • Attend Research Workshops
  • Comprehensive exam
  • Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation Defense

Is This Program Right for Me?

The purpose of the DM program is to develop thought leaders for the advancement of business and society. A Weatherhead DM student combines a disciplined approach to scholarship with a focus on compelling problems of practice.

Candidates conduct several rigorous studies during the program that introduce them to the theories, practices and techniques of evidence-based management. The DM experience is intended to equip graduates with the requisite skills to apply evidence-based management in their organizations, to apply research to practice, to engage and prepare for self-directed lifelong learning in management research, to continue research dissemination, and to cultivate a broad profile for scholarly teaching. DM students also may apply to the Designing Sustainable Systems track in the PhD in management program, thereby extending their coursework an additional year. This fourth year is dedicated to independent doctoral studies and research workshops that permit students to meet the requirements of a PhD in management offered by the School of Graduate Studies. During both the DM and PhD programs students are required to prepare and submit their research papers to appropriate high-quality academic conferences for review and presentation. A core goal for both programs is for students to make original intellectual contributions while enrolled in the programs.

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To compete effectively in today’s complex world, organizations require leaders who:

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