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Executive Doctoral Programs: DBA and PhD in Designing Sustainable Systems

Academic Excellence with Proven Outcomes

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)/Doctor of Management (DM) Program and the PhD in Management: Designing Sustainable Systems programs at the Weatherhead School of Management offer a world-class practitioner-oriented doctorate education in management. Take your thinking and professional career to new heights at a highly distinguished research university and become a rigorous management scholar around relevant problems encountered as professionals.

See Immediate Impact

These programs prepare executives to create social, intellectual and economic value for their organizations and society at large. Students obtain immediate value in the programs so they can apply research knowledge to their work within their first year while completing significant, high-quality research relevant to their organization.

A History Rooted in Excellence

The Weatherhead School of Management has been a strong innovator and advocate for practitioner focused doctoral degrees.  Launched in 1995, the Doctor of Management program is the world’s first of its kind with a three-year lockstep management doctoral program consisting of four on-campus and two virtual residencies per semester. The DBA program comes with the unique option to pursue a PhD in Management: Designing Sustainable Systems program at Case Western Reserve University. If you are a working professional looking to achieve a rigorous doctoral degree in management through a research-focused, structured and comprehensive program, look no further.

Discover the difference between a DM, DBA and PhD degree.

DM Testimonials

Voices of Practitioner Scholars in Management

This new book is a compilation of narratives from alumni and the founders of the DM program.

DM Newsletter

The DM Digest is the official electronic newsletter of Weatherhead's Doctor of Management programs, showcasing the programs' latest research, publications, news and more.

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Doctor of Management (DM)

Year One

  • Identify problem of practice
  • Understand & synthesize relevant literature
  • Complete conceptual paper
  • Initiate qualitative research project

Year Two

  • Complete qualitative research paper
  • Develop theoretical model
  • Initiate quantitative research project

Year Three

  • Complete quantitative research paper
  • Complete dissertation composed of qualitative and quantitative research projects
  • Integrate research projects into dissertation

PhD in Management, Sustainable Systems

Additional Year

  • Directed independent research
  • Attend Research Workshops
  • Comprehensive exam
  • Proposal Defense
  • Dissertation Defense

Expert Assessment of the PhD Program