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Alumni Roster — Class of 2014

  • Don P. Addison II, DM
    • SVP, Knowledge Management Executive
      Bank of America Merrill Lynch
      Charlotte, NC
    • Dissertation: Towards Flourishing: How Sellers Can Forge Stronger B2B Relations and Increase Buyer Loyalty
  • Gabriel Berczely, DM
    • Chairman
      Santiago, Chile
    • Dissertation: Improving the Capacity for Strategic Anticipation: How Upstream, Downstream and Lateral Immersion Contribute to the Capacity to Anticipate Strategic Moves
  • Solange Charas, PhD
    • President
      Charas Consulting, Inc.
      New York, NY
    • Dissertation: Does Upper Echelons Team Dynamic Matter? The Criticality of Executive Team Behavior in Economic Value Creation
  • Shengfa J. Chuang, PhD
    • President
      AIPTEK, Inc.
      Irvine, CA
    • Dissertation: Facilitating Radical Innovation in Consumer Electronics and Information Technology Industries
  • Deirdre P. Dixon, PhD
    • Adjunct
      University of Tampa
      Tampa, FL
    • Dissertation: Staying Alive: The Experience of In Extremis Leadership
  • Donna L. Haeger, PhD
    • CEO
      Prolific Technology, Inc.
      Fairport, NY
    • Dissertation: The Significance of Influence in Our Current Work Environment: Understanding and Exploring the Shift and Emergent Domains
  • Dale E. Hartz, DM
    • Adjunct Instructor
      Walsh University
      North Canton, OH
    • Dissertation: Understanding Managerial Influences:¬† A Mixed Methods Study of employee engagement, well-being, and performance
  • Karen L. Stock, DM
    • Professional Assistant Professor of Busines
      Walsh University
      North Canton, OH
    • Dissertation: Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning: Implications for Management Development and Education
  • Yunmei Wang, PhD
    • Assistant Professor
      Department of Medicine
      Cardiovascular Division
      Case Western Reserve University
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Bridging the Medical Knowledge and Practice Gap: Antecedents¬†of Successful Scientist Physician Collaboration
  • David S. Widdifield, DM
    • Senior Lecturer
      Director of MBLE Program
      Fisher College of Business
      Ohio State University
      Columbus, OH
    • Dissertation: Supply Chain Management Performance: Factors Contributing to Successful Risk Mitigation & Resiliency
  • Adrian Wolfberg, PhD
    • Chief, Knowledge Laboratory
      Department of Defense
      Washington, DC
    • Dissertation: A Theory of Overload and Equivocality Effects on Learning during Knowledge Transfer within Policy Making Dyads