Doctor of Management Alumni - Class of 2009 | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Doctor of Management Alumni - Class of 2009

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  • Chester H. Brearey, DM
    • Assistant Professor of Accounting
      Siena College
      Loudonville, NY
    • Dissertation: A Study of the Impact of Informational Complexity, Transparency and Stewardship on Decision Usefulness: The Users' Perspective
  • Thomas H. Carlson, DM
    • Principal
      The Rallus Group
      Independence, OH
    • Dissertation: Generative Characteristics as Antecedents to Engagement
  • Cecilia C. Chan, DM
    • President
      Enterprise Technology Systems, Inc.
      Dublin, CA
    • Dissertation: Managing Commitment as Antecedents to Engagement in Faith-based Organizations: Chinese Protestant Churches in the United States
  • Byron C. Clayton, DM
    • President, NxWare Division
      GED Integrated Solutions, Inc.
      Twinsburg, OH
    • Dissertation: When Practice and Theory Conflict: Do Performance Incentives Drive Management Behaviors in Mergers and Acquisitions?
  • Mary-Beth A. Cooper, DM
    • Vice President for Student Affairs
      Rochester Institute of Technology
      Rochester, NY
    • Dissertation: Ethical Ideologies and Decision Making Among College Student Athletes
  • Alexander Eksir, DM
    • Vice President & Mission Assurance Executive
      Raytheon Corporation
      Tewksbury, MA
    • Dissertation: The Role of Human Capital in Predicting Business Outcomes
  • Elizabeth P. Fitz Gibbon, DM
    • President
      Fitz Gibbon Inc.
      University Heights, OH
    • Dissertation: Inside the Outsourcing of Innovation
  • Radhashyam Giridharadas, DM
    • Managing Director
      Prism Consulting International
      Bethesda, MD
    • Dissertation: The Role of Organizational Learning in Renewing Competitive Advantage
  • James K. Hayes, DM
    • Director, Business Development
      Eaton Corporation
      Pittsburgh, PA
    • Dissertation: The Private Sector and Anti-Terrorism Spending for Physical Security
  • Ganesh Kumar, DM
    • Executive Vice President/COO
      Oriental Financial Group
      San Juan, PR
    • Dissertation: Unraveling Adaptive Selling: An Empirical Analysis of Underlying Relational Behavior
  • Rebecca M. Minnillo, DM
    • Senior Director, Programs and Research
      The Society for Investigative Dermatology
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Design and Discovery: The Structure and Function of a Research Network
  • Kathy K. Overbeke, DM
    • Treasurer & Co-Owner
      Overbeke School of Driving
      Beachwood, OH
    • Dissertation: Into the Family and Business Nexus: Succession and Daughters in Family Owned Businesses
  • Kevin Roots, DM
    • Director, Integrated Solutions
      Lockheed Martin Corporation
      Arlington, VA
    • Dissertation: Executive Leader Development: Mentoring in U.S. Government and Commercial Organizations
  • Lise Anne Slatten, DM
    • Instructor, Department of Management
      College of Business Administration
      University of Louisiana, Lafayette
      Lafayette, LA
    • Dissertation: An Examination of the Antecedents and Consequences of Accreditation in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Michael N. Wolfe, DM
    • Assistant Professor, Business
      Defiance College
      Defiance, OH
    • Dissertation: Beyond Financial Transparency and Institutional Structure: Emergent Forms of Accountability in the New Era of Responsibility