Doctor of Management Alumni - Class of 2008

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  • Randall I. Bambrough, DM
    • CFO
      NextG Networks, Inc.
      San Jose, CA
    • Dissertation: Developing a Regional High Tech Environment: What Factors Matter
  • William G. Brunger, DM
    • Internal Consultant
      Continental Airlines
      Houston, TX
    • Dissertation: The Impact of the Internet on Airline Fares
  • Peter Chan, DM
    • President & CEO
      TTS Communications, Inc.
      Dublin, CA
    • Dissertation: Managing Multiple and Interacting Congregations Within the Same Church: The Case of Chinese Protestant Immigrant Churches in North America
  • Barbara Clemenson, DM
    • Consultant
      SDG Nonprofit Consulting
      Euclid, OH
    • Dissertation: Heaven, Hell and Everything In Between: How Do Authentic Leaders' Values Contribute to Organizations in Which Followers Flourish?
  • Jonathan H. Coleman, DM
    • Global Representation Planner
      Ford Motor Company
      Dearborn, MI
    • Dissertation: They're Making All the Wrong Decisions: Managing Cognitive and Emotive Balance
  • Bruce C. Gockerman, DM
    • President/Sr. Advisor
      Standard Deviation Econometrics, Ltd.
      Chicago, IL
    • Dissertation: The Pathfinder Leader and Complex Decision Making: The Role in Collective Action Governance
  • Rosemary Kamau-Maina, DM
    • Director, Academic Affairs
      KCA University
      Nairobi, Kenya
    • Dissertation: College Environments as Enablers and Barriers to Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Margo J. Kraft, DM
    • Assistant Professor of Business Administration
      Heidelberg College
      Tiffin, OH
    • Dissertation: The Role of Learning and Care Giving Style in Practitioner-Patient Co-Production of Therapeutic Outcomes
  • Raymond Massa, DM
    • Region Director
      Investors Group
      Pointe-Claire, Quebec Canada
    • Dissertation: Effective Leadership of Financial Service Firms: A Study in Resonance and Emotional Intelligence
  • Betty A. Moon, DM
    • Senior Vice President,
      Retail Sales Strategic Growth Executive
      Bank of America
      Charlotte, NC
    • Dissertation: Selling Money: Success Factors for Financial Advisors
  • Brian L. Newton, DM
    • President & CEO
      Golden Valley Electric Association, Inc.
      Fairbanks, AK
    • Dissertation: Role Engagement in Co-operative Organizations: A Relational Framework for Understanding Board Commitment
  • Eugene A. Pierce, DM
    • Chief Architect
      The MITRE Corporation
      Dayton, OH
    • Dissertation: Virtual Teams: Can They Be More Effective
  • Humayun Rashid, DM
    • CEO & CTO
      Xavor Corporation
      Irvine, CA
    • Dissertation: Commitment to Change as Dynamic Push-Pull Alignment of Messages
  • R. Drew Sellers, DM
    • CIO
      Life Line Screening
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: The Impact of Organizational Destruction in Social Capital
  • Timothy J. Timura, DM
    • President & Chief Investment Officer
      McGlinn Capital Management
      Wyomissing, PA
    • Dissertation: The Duplicity Effect: Professional Investment Decisions for Others Versus Self
  • Martin Zummersch, DM
    • Manager, Product Development
      Elkay Manufacturing Company
      Oak Brook, IL
    • Dissertation: You Can Change Strategies in a Conversation: Decision Making in Innovation in the Durable Goods Industry