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Alumni Roster — Class of 2007

  • Nina R. Aversano, DM
    • President & CEO
      Aversano Consulting, LLC
      Wellington, FL
    • Dissertation: Disconnected: A Consumer Study of Mobile Telephone Technology Rejection in the United States
  • Frank C. Braun, DM
    • Faculty, Business Informatics
      College of Informatics
      Northern Kentucky University
      Highland Heights, KY
    • Dissertation: The Social-Technical Project Manager Practices That Motivate Knowledge Sharing and Learning in Information Technology Project Team Environments
  • Jane Cooke-Lauder, DM
    • President & CEO
      Bataleur Enterprises
      Toronto, Ontario Canada
    • Dissertation: Social Change – Making the Improbable Possible through Collaboration: A Series of Studies on NGO Collaboration in South Africa
  • R. Todd Creasy, DM
    • Founder
      Bridgepoint, LLC
      Hendersonville, TN
    • Dissertation: Employee Reactions to Mergers and Acquisitions - The ‘ME-I Syndrome’; Avoiding ‘Merger-Enabled-Individualism’
  • Matthew J. Gymer, DM
    • Assistant Vice President Education Finance
      National City Bank
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Service Feature Considerations for Developing Consumer Satisfaction in Online Environments
  • Monika L. Hudson, DM
    • Term Assistant Professor, Organizational Behavior
      School of Business and Management
      University of San Francisco
      San Francisco, CA
    • Dissertation: Studies in Workplace Behaviors and Organizations
  • Pamela C. Hudson, DM
    • West Chester, NY
    • Dissertation: Transitioning from Staff Nurse to Nurse Manager-A Change in Identity
  • Kathryn V. Kaminsky, DM
    • Adjunct Professor
      Graduate School of Economics and Business
      Saint Mary's College
      Moraga, CA
    • Dissertation: Resilience in Action: Exploring Constructive Transitions Among Mid-Career Leaders
  • Zara F. Larsen, DM
    • President
      The Larsen Group: Architects of Change
      Tucson, AZ
    • Dissertation: Change Leader Retention and Career Development: The Role of Social Capital and Balancing Commitments
  • Jimmy Schwarzkopf, DM
    • Research Fellow and Partner
      SCHWARZKOPF The Knowledge Integrators (STKI)
      Moshav Bnei Zion, Israel
    • Dissertation: Venture “TERROIR” Can We Define It ? VC Decision Processes for Investing in Genesis/ Pre-seed ICT Entrepreneurial Teams
  • Arun K. Sharma, DM
    • Sr. General Manager, Engineering
      Maersk Oil America, Inc.
      Houston, TX
    • Dissertation: The Effects of Ownership, Control Rights and Experience on Joint Venture Success
  • David A. Sherman, DM
    • Partner
      Blu Skye Sustainability Consulting
      San Francisco, CA
    • Dissertation: Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Impact in the Social Sector
  • Edward W. Wright, DM
    • Founder and CEO
      Keller-Wright, LLC
      Raleigh, NC
    • Dissertation: An Investigation of Electronic Medical Record Technology Adoption by Family Practice Physicians