Doctor of Management Alumni - Class of 2005

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  • Richard R. Clune, Jr., DM
    • Assistant Professor
      Department of Accounting
      Coles College of Business
      Kennesaw State University
      Kennesaw, GA
    • Dissertation: Corporate Responses to Accounting Regulation
  • James L. Hill, DM
    • Managing Partner
      Entara Technology Group
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Information Technology Adoption by Middle Managers: The Case of Trial Court Judges
  • R. Robertson Hilton, DM
    • President and CEO
      The A.M. McGregor Group
      Cleveland, OH
    • Dissertation: Strangers in the Commons: Understanding and Measuring Successful Aging for Low-Income Seniors in Affordable Housing
  • Franklin T. Kudo, DM
    • Chairman and CEO
      Hawaii Nissan DBA New City Nissan
      Honolulu, HI
    • Dissertation: Adolescent Leadership Development: The Role of Authoritative Parenting and the Mediating Effect of Psychological Autonomy and Mastery Orientation
  • Beverley J. Morgan, DM
    • The Competiveness Company
      Kingston, Jamaica
    • Dissertation: Trust, Education and Development in Jamaica, 1950-2000
  • Randall D. Oostra, FACHE, DM
    • President and COO
      Promedica Health System
      Toledo, OH
    • Dissertation: The Link Between Governance Responsibilities and Performance in Healthcare Organizations: A Trustees Perspective
  • Michael G. Stull, DM
    • Director
      Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE)
      California State University, San Bernardino
      San Bernardino, CA
    • Dissertation: Nonprofit Intrapreneurship: How Nonprofit Managers Facilitate and Balance Entrepreneurial Activity
  • Jane A. Van Buren, DM
    • Executive Director
      Noonmark Nonprofit Services, LLC
      Burlington, VT
    • Dissertation: All Cake and No Icing: An Exploration of Female Executive Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
  • Susan B. Waters, DM
    • Deputy CEO
      National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
      Falls Church, VA
    • Dissertation: The Effects of Organizational Choices on Legislative Performance
  • Susan D. Williams, DM
    • Assistant Vice President
      Student Operations and Compliance
      Long Island University
      Brookville, NY
    • Dissertation: A Framework for Maximizing Board Member Outcomes in Nonprofit Organizations
  • Stephen A. Zurcher, DM
    • Country Manager, Korea
      BMC Software
      Kobe Hyogo, Japan
    • Dissertation: The Impact of Electronic Medical Records on the Doctor-Patient Relationship in Hospitals in Japan, Korea and the United States: A Cross-Cultural Comparison