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Alumni Roster — Class of 2006

Maurice Apprey, DM
Dean, Office of African-American Affairs
Professor of Psychiatry
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA

Dissertation: Three Aspects of Social Change Management: Project Ownership, Ethical Project Transfer and Economic Correlate

Larry W. Ettner, DM
Chairman and Managing Partner
Trinity Capital Partners, LLC
Lincolnshire, IL

Dissertation: Corporate Governance in the Era of Sarbanes-Oxley

Anna H. Gibson, DM
Senior Management Analyst
McNeil Technologies
TRICARE Management Activity
Denver, CO

Dissertation: The Practice of Medical Error Reporting

Alvin E. Hall, Sr., DM
President and CEO
STI Technologies, Inc.
Dayton, OH

Dissertation: The Social Construction of the Interactive Practices of Multicultural Professionals

Surendra S. Khambete, DM
President and CEO
Indratech. LLC
Auburn Hills, MI

Dissertation: Practicing Pragmatic Collaboration: The Challenge of Recognizing and Managing Rational Divergence

Robert M. Krug, DM
Assistant Professor of Management
Department of Graduate Management Studies
St. Joseph's College
Brooklyn, NY

Dissertation: Focusing on the End User: Promoting the Successful Deployment of Workplace Programs and Initiatives

Suzanne K. Moore, DM
Director of Business Affairs
West Chester Area School District
West Chester, PA

Dissertation: Exploration of Social Capital in the Context of Elected Public School Officials

Elizabeth Lada Morse, DM
Director of Nursing
Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Center

Dissertation: A Journey with the End in Mind: An Examination of How Advance Planning May Influence End-of-Life Decisions

Schalon H. Newton, DM
Vice President, Strategic Marketing and
Business Development
Santen, Inc.
Napa, CA

Dissertation: Innovative or Expendable Human Capital: The Effect of Labor Market Choices, Career System Practices and Self-Directed Career Orientation on Organization Outcomes

James B. Ogundele, DM
Director, MTE Asia/Pacific Rim
Corning Incorporated
Taichung, Taiwan

Dissertation: Immigrants Transnational Activities for Home Community Development: The Nigerian Immigrants in the United States

Daniel M. Oruoch, DM
Vice Chancellor
KCA University
Nairobi, Kenya

Dissertation: Factors that Facilitate Entrepreneurship Among Students and Nascent Entrepreneurs

Ademola (Demo) Solaru , DM
Senior Principal and CEO
ProviderGateway, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Dissertation: An investigation of Customer Perceived Value, Exchange Partner Trustworthiness and Service Perceptions in e-Commerce

Eric C. Woychik, DM
Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
Comverge, Inc.
Oakland, CA

Dissertation: Impact of Knowledge on Electricity Markets