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Alumni Roster — Class of 2016

George K. Baah, PhD
GKB Partners, LLC
Stone Mountain, GA

Dissertation: The Intersection of Auditor Independence, Objectivity, and Integrity in High Risk Audit Conditions

Manoj Babu, PhD
Associate Dean od Business
Gateway Technical College
Kenosha, WI

Dissertation: Characteristics of Effective  Leadership of Community College Presidents - A Mixed Method Analysis

Donald Chambers, DM
Chief Operating Officer
Engendren Corporation
Kenosha, WI

Dissertation: Cultural Factors:  Entrepreneurial Orientation or Not – Innovation Drivers in Small to Medium Sized Enterprises

Michael E. deSa, DM
Managing Partner
Edrich LLC
White Plaines, NY

Dissertation: An Original Microgrid Business Model Determines Conditions for a New Asset Market

Jimeka J. Holloway
Collaborative Endeavors, Inc.
Cleveland, OH

Lori D. Kendall, PhD
Columbus, OH

Dissertation: A Theory of Leadership Microfoundations Within the Dynamic Capabilities Framework: How Technology Leaders Innovate With Human Connection

Thomas A. King, DM
Head of International Operations
Progressive Insurance
Mayfield Village, OH

Dissertation: When is Earnings Guidance a Treacherous Servant?

Edward L. Ladd, PhD
Professor of Entrepreneurship
Hult International Business School
SanFrancisco, CA and Jackson Hole, WY

Dissertation: Routines of New Venture Conceptualization: Evidence and Extension of an Entrepreneurial Dynamic Capability

Carol M. McGuire, PhD
Managing Partner
Organization Dynamics, LLC
Minneapolis, MN

Dissertation: Who We Are Matters: The Identity of the Information Technology Organization and Outsourcing Success 

Kris Murphy, PhD
Vice President Financial Systems
Miami, FL

Dissertation: A Theory of Steering Committee Capabilities for Implementing Large Scale Enterprise-Wide Information Systems

Mikhail V. Oet, PhD
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Cleveland, OH

Dissertation: Financial Stress in an Adaptive System: From Emperical Validity to Theoretical Foundations

Branka V. Olson, PhD
Sindik Olson Associates
Los Angeles, CA

Dissertation: Experiential Workplace Design in Knowledge Work Organizations: A Worker-Centered Approach

Noble C. Philip, DM
Market Facts & Opinions Ltd
Port of Spain, Trinidad

Dissertation: Understanding the Journey of Inner-City Communities to a Sense of Community and Well-Being

Sharon S. Sanger, PhD
Vice President, Marketing
Penske Corporation
Reading, PA

Dissertation: Deliberate Disruption: How Corporate Leaders' Break the Liability of Expertise

Candace Steele Flippin, DM
Vice President, Public Relations and External Communications
St. Jude Medical
Minneapolis, MN

Dissertation: The Role of Mentorship in Developing Leadership Ready Gen X and Gen Y Females

Arlonda M. Stevens, PhD
Vice President, Sr. Compliance Manager Privacy Office
PNC Bank
Highland Hills, OH

Dissertation: Antecedents and Outcomes of Perceived Creepiness in Online Personalized Communications

Brian G. Williams, DM
Vice President for Enrollment
John Carroll University
University Heights, OH

Dissertation: The Effects of Visual Analytic Strategies on Organizational Decision Making