Course Sets | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

There are three sets of courses available toward this certificate. Students must take one course each from Sets A and B; otherwise, any combination of courses from Sets A, B, or C qualify for the certificate.

Set A: Approved Quantitative Methods courses at the Weatherhead School of Management

  1. MGMT 571 – Measurement Theory and Method
  2. MGMT 573 – Applied Multivariate Data Analysis
  3. *EDMP 643 – Foundations of Quantitative Research Design
  4. *EDMP 646 – Advanced Analytical Methods
  5. *EDMP 649 – Causal Analysis of Business Problems II

Set B: Approved Quantitative Methods courses at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing

  1. NURS 630 – Advanced Statistics: Linear Models
  2. NURS 631 – Advanced Statistics: Multivariate Analysis
  3. NURS 632 – Advanced Statistics: Structural Equation Modeling

Set C: Approved Quantitative Methods courses at other Case Western Reserve schools

  1. SASS 618 – Measurement Issues in Quantitative Research
  2. EPBI 500 – Design and Analysis of Observational Studies
  3. EPBI 435 – Survival Data Analysis
  4. SOCI 525 – Multilevel Modeling

*These courses are restricted to students enrolled in the Doctor of Management program at Weatherhead.

To add the AQM certificate to your program of study, contact the appropriate representative for your school or submit a Notice of Intent.