Certificate of Achievement in research skills for Quantitative Methodologies (AQM)

The Certificate of Achievement in research skills for Quantitative Methodologies (AQM) offers a unique opportunity for graduate students at Case Western Reserve University to specialize in advanced analytics for applied research and study.

What are quantitative methodologies?

Quantitative methodologies are techniques for systematic empirical investigation of behavioral phenomena using statistical, mathematical, numerical or computational approaches. These techniques may operate on structured numerical or unstructured text data.

These essential skills prepare graduate students for conducting and publishing scholarly research while fostering a learning environment that motivates original research across many social science disciplines with a behavioral focus.

Certification Requirements

To qualify for the certificate, students must complete three requirements:

  1. Successfully complete five, 3-credit-hour approved quantitative methods courses offered on the Case Western Reserve campus, for a total of 15 credit hours.
  2. Obtain an average grade point of 3.5 or higher in the approved courses for this certificate.
  3. Take at least one course each from approved Sets A and B (Each course is worth 3 credit hours.)


The AQM certificate is co-sponsored by the Weatherhead School of Management and Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing. Other schools across the University that support advancement of student skills in quantitative methodologies may also participate.

  1. PhD, DM, Masters, and other graduate students on Case Western Reserve University’s campus are eligible.
  2. Students will need to meet prerequisites for the approved courses that they plan to apply toward the AQM certification.
  3. Students must be currently attending Case Western Reserve University.

To add the AQM certificate to your program of study, contact the appropriate representative for your school or submit a Notice of Intent.