Quantitative Finance Certificate | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Quantitative Finance Certificate

Students interacting in class

New this Fall, earn your quantitative finance certificate.

Students will gain strong analytical skills for real-world application in the finance industry, specifically in financial consulting, investment management research, portfolio management and investment banking. The courses combine a rigorous finance education with cutting-edge analytical tools applied to real-world data. The courses will also train students for the sought-after Financial Risk Manager (FRM) certification.

Through the flexible quantitative finance certificate, students have the choice to complete one, two or up to three courses per semester. All courses will be offered afternoons, evenings or with an online option.

The first micro-certificate starts with the below "Level 1 certificate" courses, unless a student has taken the same course before elsewhere and received an "A" grade. An online bootcamp course may be needed before beginning level one.

For Level 1 certificate, students select three courses below:

For an Advanced Certificate, students select the remaining course from the Level 1 certificate set of courses, and two courses from a more advanced set of courses below.

  • FNCE 431 – Fixed income markets and their Derivatives
  • FNCE 433 – Quantitative Risk modeling
  • FNCE 434 – Financial Analytics and Banking
  • FNCE 493 – Blockchains and AI

As added benefits, students can participate in the seminar speaker series to gain exposure to leading experts in the finance industry, and in academic speaker series to learn about new developments in finance. Students have access to the Bloomberg Lab, career management training sessions and other financial databases. Students may also join the firm city trek experiences to visit various financial firms institutions in major cities throughout the country, or for corporate visits.

Currently, the seminar speaker series and firm trek experiences are virtual.