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Manage by Designing

Manage by Designing was pioneered by Fred Collopy, PhD, and Richard Boland, PhD, to use principles of design in business management. Great managers are also designers—of processes, projects, strategies and systems. Using principles of managing by design, managers are equipped with the latest concepts and tools for flexible, innovating thinking. Learn more about the year-long MBA practicum, Design in Management.

Weatherhead School of Management was the first to develop a Department of Design & Innovation. Launched in 2013, the Department of Design & Innovation merged the faculty members formerly in the Marketing and Policy Studies and Information Systems Departments. The department focuses on two core priorities:

  1. Creating knowledge for generating novel and valuable products, services and systems, and
  2. Developing organizational leaders and entrepreneurs who are skilled in designing innovative, value-creating relationships with customers, stakeholders and society.

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Executive Education

Learn to Manage by Designing by attending one of the day-long executive education courses on Designing Solutions for Innovation and Strategy or earning an Designing Solutions for Innovation and Strategy Certificate.

Degree Programs

Managing by Designing and related concepts are at the core of Weatherhead's masters and doctoral management programs.

Academic Courses

Weatherhead students may develop a foundation in Managing by Designing during the following courses:
  • MIDS 420A – Design in Management: Concept and Practices
  • MIDS 420B – Design in Management: Concept and Practices