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For Students

Digital Transformation Courses for Fall 2021

Digital Innovation Project (DESN 501 / CSDS 601) is a project-based course that is organized around a client project brief. This is a unique opportunity for a multidisciplinary team of 6-8 students to learn how to conceive, design, develop, and present a novel digital innovation project idea, by working on a client-sponsored real-life digital innovation project for an xLab client. Students are expected to learn skills in project management, design thinking, digital business models, agile development, presentations, and how to use industry standard digital design & development platforms & tools. The project will be managed as an agile project, following a scrum method. Client deliverables include: User Research Report, Design Report, and Prototype.

Students need to apply for the course by June 30, 2021

Leading Digital Innovation by Design (DESN 410) is a graduate-level course that incorporates lectures, case studies, and guest speakers. It covers the topic of digital transformation of legacy companies at the strategic level. A new wave of digital revolution is transforming every industrial sector. Powered by increasingly smaller yet potent microprocessors and sensors, a new generation of analytical tools, and ubiquitous wearable and mobile devices, companies can radically transform the way they interact with users and the way they create and capture value. Be it a large corporation or a small start-up; a government agency or a multinational enterprise; everyone is struggling to deal with the new digital reality. Yet, exactly how to use digital technology to create value is not clear. While all companies must understand how digital technology is fundamentally different from other forms of technology, digital innovation is not about technology. Digital innovation is making digital technology meaningful and valuable to users. Therefore, digital innovation requires us to truly understand people. In order to fully harness the transformative capacity of digital technology, we must gain deeper insights on people and their actions, meanings and values. In this experiential course, we use design as the primary tool to gain such humanistic insights, and apply those ideas and tools to build real digital innovations.