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Emerging Trends Shaping the
Future of Work

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more employees are embracing the work from home mentality as the new normal. Prior to the pandemic, workplace traditions were slow to change. Companies gradually moved towards a more online approach, but without anything forcing them to take the leap, old methods appeared effective and comfortable. Enter the pandemic, where even legacy companies were forced to move remote work, regardless of whether they were prepared or not. Entrepreneur identified four primary trends emerging that are predicted to shape the future of work: going remote, the digital transformation, millennial takeover and the need for a scalable workforce. 

These changes will likely remain, even once employees begin returning to an in-person work environment. But will legacy companies be able to compete with their younger, more agile counterparts in sustaining these methods long term? Initiatives like xLab will be essential for legacy companies to adapt to these trends in the future.

xLab Quarterly Roundtable

The Future of Work - Webinar
Thursday, Sept. 10
8:30 - 10 a.m.

Case Western Reserve University professors Mark Griswold, PhD and Dustin Tyler, PhD will share innovations that are changing the way we teach future health care providers and provide safer, more effective healthcare and pandemic management. 
HoloAnatomy, an app that uses Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality technology is playing a key role in the new era of remote learning, while a Healthcare Robot Avatar, the latest project of Human Fusions, is securing a role in the post-Covid new normal.

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Banner for Digitial Futures event. It reads Digital Futures, hosted by Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH. October 12-14 2020
Registration is open for the second annual Digital Futures Conference: Strategy, culture, and technology at work. This virtual event runs October 12-15 and will guide your next steps in digital transformation through case studies from legacy companies, interactive learning sessions on key practical issues and real world applications from thought leaders. The conference is a joint program of Case Western Reserve University and Innovation Research Interchange (IRI)—a worldwide network of industry leaders driving innovation and growth.

xLab members receive one complementary registration and a discounted rate for Digital Futures! If you're a member and plan to attend, please email Shirley Reynolds at

Who is driving your Digital Transformation?

Most major companies work with external consulting firms to strategize. But when it comes to digital transformation, is it best to look externally for help? Far more software projects fail than succeed, which can be attributed to confusions in leadership and a lack of understanding of company operations. Though there are some benefits to external consultants, clients typically know more about business functionalities for their company than the consultants they’re hiring. If a company truly wants to make effective change using technology to alter its current workflow, it must fully understand and model its own processes, a feat which can only be achieved from an internal perspective. A recent Forbes article has companies rethinking the effectiveness of external consultants.

The xLab program fosters the foundation of internal capabilities rather than contributes to a reliance on external consultants. Through the emphasis on empathy, and extensive user research, students are able to gain an internal perspective, while encouraging companies to build their internal knowledgebase. Join us for our upcoming Information Session to learn more.

xLab Information Session
Learn how we help with digital transformation

Thursday, September 22, 9:00 a.m.

Join Professor Youngjin Yoo as he highlights the ways xLab partners with legacy and industrial native corporations to help them understand, adopt and implement new business models to compete in the new digital economy. 

Our program is designed to support legacy companies on their digital transformation journey through: 

●    Student prototype projects
●    Digital first employee training
●    C-Suite deep dive
●    Research projects
●    Quarterly roundtables

Register today and start viewing your business through a digital lens! 

Weatherhead Executive Education
digital innovation offerings and more

Sept. 18, 25, Oct. 2: Designing Innovation DNA in Your Organization
Rethink how to reorganize your innovation strategy and processes, and ignite and sustain innovation throughout your operation!

Sept. 23: Change Leadership
Sept. 28, Oct. 5, 12: Advanced Competitive Strategy: Expand Your Boundaries
Available online - Digital Transformation: Strategic Tools & Framework for Success
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