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COVID-19 Response

We are proud to announce that ShareTrace is among the Case Western Reserve University's exhibitors at the all virtual CES2021! ShareTrace is a privacy-preserving distributed analytics platform to offer smart, simple self-assessment of Covid-19 exposure risk. It is based on anonymized digital twins with hyper-local interaction graphs to calculate personalized infection risk score. ShareTrace uses state-of-the-art decentralized Personal Data Accounts (PDA) to store symptoms and contact histories of individual ShareTrace users. Users legally own their PDA, and only people given permission by the account owner can see this data.

Unlike other contact tracing apps that trace the infection backward, ShareTrace offers a contact "forwarding" capability where individuals and organizations can identify the next likely hotspot of infections before it is too late. Through this, ShareTrace helps individuals and organizations understand the risk that Covid-19 is spreading through their social and professional networks. We provide a clear and dynamic risk interface that changes based on encounters with both symptomatic and asymptomatic users of the app. No data is stored by ShareTrace.

ShareTrace is led by a team from Case Western Reserve University and Dataswift. Originally started from a virtual, global hackathon, #hackfromhome, a challenge that involved 822 participants from 62 countries, ShareTrace members include researchers, developers, designers, and students.

Learn more about CWRU's participation in #CES2021. If you're going to the show, visit our booths at CES January 11-12!

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