AIM2Flourish | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

The Fowler Center hosts a World Inquiry into Business as an Agent of World Benefit. It is a worldwide action-research initiative that uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to learn more about the positive role of business in society.

From 2002-2015, this research collected stories in a database called the World Inquiry’s Innovation Bank about business innovations in sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and full-spectrum flourishing. The Innovation Bank database is now a historical repository for research and academic purposes.

As of June 2015, the project continues under the care and fostering of the Fowler Center as, a global learning platform about inspiring business innovations. Using the 17 UN Global Goals as a lens, business students go out in their community to discover business innovations that are good-for-the-world and good for business. The students interview a local leader using strength-based Appreciative Inquiry methods and then share these inspiring stories on the platform. The best-of-the-best will be recognized and celebrated at CWRU’s 4th Global Forum in June 2017.

How are stories gathered?

Business schools around the world use AIM2Flourish in their coursework. MBA students and executive development program attendees gather stories to add AIM2Flourish while learning the practical how-to’s of doing well by doing good.

Showcase of Flourishing Business Innovation

By showcasing the best in business-in-society innovations, AIM2Flourish sparks conversations about the role and potential of business to act as a positive force for world benefit.

We are especially interested in the following questions:

  1. How differently will the world’s environment and the quality of life of its people appear to you when business serves as a positive agent of community and world benefit?
  2. How can companies create a flourishing environment and healthy profit margins through use of the means and tools of Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship; how can they do well by doing good?

What do you think?

AIM2Flourish invites answers to these questions. It is our belief that the sharing of ideas and innovations through success stories will promote new thinking, conversations, connections and learning that will lead the world toward a healthy and peaceful future.

All people are invited to join the AIM2Flourish community at We invite you to read, like, and share the stories, as well as post your own “Sightings” of worthy business innovation. Business professors and students are invited to participate in contributing stories by sending a note of interest to