Co-Branded Ivey Teaching Cases | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit has partnered with Ivey Publishing to co-brand teaching cases that focus on Sustainable Value and Flourishing Enterprise. These cases are written by Weatherhead School of Management faculty and candidates of our PhD, MBA and graduate programs. The teaching cases are available for purchase on Ivey Publishing’s website and are used by instructors as teaching tools, primarily in graduate-level courses.

Beyond Meat: Changing Consumer Behaviour in Food Consumption
Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, Peter Rezk, Nilesh Raut

Storehouse Tea: Cultivating Options for Growth
Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, and Stephanie Hagen

Calvert Investments: Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability
Chantal van Esch, Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, Ben Cooper, and Jingya Zou

Amorim: The Future of Natural Cork
Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, and Tim Krueger

Food Donation Connection: Profitably Scaling Food Waste Reduction
Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, Craig Dicht, Megan Schulstad Buchter, and Keimei Sugiyama

TriCiclos: The Challenge of Scaling Recycling in Latin America
Chris Laszlo, Katherine Gullett, Ignacio Pavez, and Maria Bello 

Cisco's Vision: A Smart+Connected World
Chris Laszlo and Patrick Kelly

Ecovative Design LLC: A Biological Materials Startup
Chris Laszlo, Abdel Latif Ladki, and Abraham Weiner

Ford Motor Company: New Shades of Green Through Soy Foam
Garima Sharma, Chris Laszlo, and Indrajeet Ghatge

Pyramyd Air: Looking through the Scope of Values
Chris Laszlo and Katherine Gullett

Gojo Industries: Aiming for Global Sustainability Leadership
Chris Laszlo, Anya Briggs, and Jayesh Potdar

La Vaca Independiente: Should a Social Enterprise Adopt a For-Profit Business Model?
Chris Laszlo and Anya Briggs

Viridity Energy: The Challenge and Opportunity of Promoting Clean Energy Solutions
Chris Laszlo, Anshuman Chandrachud, and Indrajeet Ghatge

Clarke: Transformation for Environmental Sustainability
Chris Laszlo, Katey McCabe, Eric Ahearn, and Indrajeet Ghatge

Tennant Company: Can "Chemical-free" Be a Pathway to Competitive Advantage?
Chris Laszlo, Eric Ahearn, Indrajeet Ghatge, and Garima Sharma

Sustainability at Tetra Pak: Recycling Post-Consumer Cartons
Garima Sharma, Indrajeet Ghatge, and Chris Laszlo

Taj Hotels: Building Sustainable Livelihoods
Garima Sharma and David G. Hyatt