Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business

A Stanford University Press book anticipated for a 2019 release

Could changing our consciousness hold the key to prosperity and flourishing? Using extensive field research, the Quantum Leadership Project shows how changing the narrative about ourselves, others, and the world is the most effective way for businesses to turn challenges into opportunities.

Our evidence-based approach complements the financial case for sustainability by emphasizing the ontological roots of business leadership aimed at positive social impact. Central to the exploration are ‘practices of connectedness’ that instill a new consciousness of connectedness in leaders and organizations. We show that it is only through such a transformation in consciousness that businesses can create economic prosperity while contributing to healthy environments and increased human wellbeing. Without it, businesses are condemned to continue today’s strategies that, at best, reduce social harm and their ecological footprint and, at worst, contribute to growing social crises and environmental disaster.

Interviews in over 50 companies provide an intimate first-hand account of a powerful new form of flourishing enterprise, illustrated with vibrant stories and extensive data analysis, to describe a business-led transformation toward a world in which people experience wellbeing, companies prosper, and nature thrives.

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