A forthcoming management book (release date: 2019) from Fowler Center Advisory Board Member Frederick Chavalit Tsao and Faculty Director for Research and Outreach Chris Laszlo, Quantum Leadership will feature a digital platform, global practitioner conferences, executive workshops, alliances with like-minded leaders & organizations, blogs, and journal articles.

Our evidence-based approach complements the financial case for sustainability by emphasizing the emotional and relational basis of leadership. Central to our proposition are mindfulness practices that instill a new consciousness of connectedness in leaders and organizations. We show that it is only through such a change in consciousness that businesses can develop profit strategies aimed at healthy environments and increasing wellbeing. Without it, businesses are condemned to continue today’s profit strategies that, at best, reduce social harm or their ecological footprint and, at worst, contribute to growing social crises and environmental disaster.

For more information, visit quantumleadership.org.