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The Fowler Center is a leader in scholarship and research on business as an agent of world benefit. Discover some of the research initiatives and case studies the Fowler Center coordinates, find opportunities to learn more about sustainable value, or serve as an intern or fellow in the field of sustainability.


AIM2Flourish for Business as an Agent of World Benefit is a worldwide action-research initiative that uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to learn more about the role of business in society. The best of the uncovered innovations are profiled on and were celebrated and recognized at the Fourth Global Forum in 2017. (The 2002-2015 World's Inquiry Innovation Bank is now a historical repository for research and academic purposes.)

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Featured Case Study

La Vaca Independiente: Should a Social Enterprise Adopt a For-Profit Business Model?

This case presents a social enterprise considering whether a for-profit model might be an effective way to scale its impact. Mexico City-based La Vaca Independiente (The Independent Cow) was founded to bring art to underprivileged children. The founder observed that many global problems are caused by humanity’s increasing state of isolation, with individuals disconnected from the planet and from each other. La Vaca focused exclusively on a program called Developing Intelligence through Art (DIA). Using artwork as a stimulus for thought and discussion, DIA provided individuals with opportunities to develop meaning in their lives. She believed, based on evidence that companies lose annual revenue due to the effects of isolationism on their employees, that she and her team could pursue a for-profit business model in order to expose La Vaca to markets and opportunities inaccessible to a charitable organization.

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