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The Fowler Center is a leader in scholarship and research on business as an agent of world benefit. Discover some of the research initiatives and case studies the Fowler Center coordinates, find opportunities to learn more about sustainable value, or serve as an intern or fellow in the field of sustainability.

World Inquiry

The World Inquiry into business as an agent of world benefit is a worldwide action-research initiative that uses Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to learn more about the role of business in society. The best of the uncovered innovations are profiled in the Innovation Bank.

Featured Innovation

Freeplay Radios Help Third World Tune In

Freeplay Energy Group of London has found a way to address global needs while making a profit for itself. Combining collaborative research and development with the desire to bring good to those at the bottom of the pyramid, the company grows its revenues while bringing tangible results to people in most remote locations. Freeplay has helped pioneer the windup radio. In 1996, Freeplay designed its first radio charged by cranking a handle so that Africans could listen to public-service broadcasts of health and agriculture information and school lessons. Freeplay has sold 3 million radios. In the West, where they sell for up to $100, they are popular among campers. But they're sold at a discount to aid agencies and governments in poor nations.

Case Study Library

Search sustainability-themed business cases that serve as teaching resources for faculty across management disciplines

Featured Case Study

Pyramyd Air: Looking through the Scope of Values

Pyramyd Air, a small and growing online airgun retailer serving the shooting community, wants to broaden its sustainability practices from its current internal initiatives in order to communicate an even stronger value proposition: sustainability isn’t just about recycling and efficiency, it is about a thriving environment leading to more engaged employees and more loyal premium customers. Pyramyd Air recognizes that some sustainability practices are vital to its customers’ long-term enjoyment of a flourishing outdoor sporting industry. 

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Sustainable Value Research

A collection of Weatherhead faculty publications in sustainable value

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