2020 Competition | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

The 2020 Fowler Center Impact Investing Case Competition

The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit would like to thank the students, judges, and Weatherhead faculty members who helped make our Inaugural Impact Investing Case Competition a big success. We would also like to give a special thanks to our sponsoring organizations EPOCH Pi, and McDonald Hopkins.

The Inaugural Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit Impact Investing Case Competition took place on February 28th. Fourteen student teams presented before a panel of eight judges, all representing a unique and diverse field of investing and social impact-oriented practitioners. Presenting students included full-time, part-time, and undergraduate Weatherhead students. Numerous degree programs were represented in the competition and students presented a wide range of unique ideas and solutions to the challenges of the case. Judges were able to give feedback to students during a networking event held at the end of the day.

Case Format

The case was presented to students as a memo between 10 - 15 pages which provided all the information needed to analyze and obtain the per-share value of a specific B Corporation. Students used this memo to create an internal memorandum addressed to an investment manager detailing their recommended price for the company and providing analysis of the company and its industry in terms of growth, profitability, and sustainable value creation. The student memorandum was advised to be no more than one page single-spaced (times new roman size 12 font, not including appendices or supplemental information). Students constructed the memorandum as if they were presenting a recommendation to an investment manager or an investment committee who was determining whether or not to include the company in the allocation of a particular social impact investment portfolio. As such, students discussed the merits of the company as an investment in terms of both its financial and social merits.

Students were allowed to supplement the materials within the case with their own additional research, however, they should have adhered to the dates provided within the memo and not use later information. Students received detailed submission rules and guidelines with the case memo. The memo included all other submission requirements.

Students also gave a ten-minute powerpoint presentation on the date of the competition to summarize their findings and highlight important points.

Successes of the Competition

Both students and judges gave feedback to the Fowler Center regarding the various strengths of the competition.

  • The majority of the students felt that the competition was a good way to learn about impacting investing and social value creation
  • Almost all students felt that the competition was challenging and required the use and development of real-world skills
  • Judges enjoyed seeing the creativity and the thought processes of the students
  • Students were able to learn more about the Fowler Center’s mission, vision, and values
  • Students enjoyed the flexibility to work with and compete against Weatherhead students from diverse degrees

Winning Teams

Out of fourteen participating teams, our judges selected a first place and a second-place team.

Congratulations to our first and second-place Impact Investing Case Competition Teams!

Our first place team was team Finsight. Finsight's members were Lily Anne TranCat (BS Economics), Marisa Katz (BA Economics, MSM Finance), Jasmine Butcher (BS Business Management), Victor Xie (BS Business Management), and John Wen (BA Economics).


Our second place team was team Famous Five. Famous Five's members were Nicholas Kobernick (MBA), Manpreet Kaur (MSM Finance), Aditi Deshmukh (MSM Finance), and Vaibhav Kharuna (MBA and MSM Finance).

Famous Five

All the participating student teams worked hard and served as great representatives of the Weatherhead student body. We hope students enjoyed themselves and learned from the experience. See you next year!