The Four Design Areas of the Fourth Global Forum

Participants will choose two interactive areas designed to develop their organizational and personal leadership.


Celebrate stories of extraordinary innovation with the business leaders, faculty, and students who discovered them. Participants will:

  • learn from the untold stories of breakthrough innovations that exemplify business for good
  • help celebrate and honor these innovations with the inaugural Flourish Prizes
  • identify how to pinpoint and accelerate their own paths to personal and organizational flourishing. is a global learning challenge hosted at Case Western Reserve University in partnership with the UN Global Compact, dozens of international business schools, and 100s of businesses worldwide.

Quantum Leadership

Could changing our consciousness hold the key to flourishing? Participants will:

  • explore practices that instill a new consciousness of connectedness in leaders and organizations
  • directly experience how changing the narrative about self, others, and the world is the most
  • effective way for businesses to create flourishing outcomes
  • learn practical ways to inspire and engage employees in family-owned businesses and small to mid-sized enterprises.

Research in science and enduring spiritual traditions are converging on a new paradigm of connectedness and caring.

Positive Institutions

Drawing on breakthroughs in Positive Psychology and Positive Organizational Development, participants will:

  • explore and design organizations that serve to elevate our highest human strengths
  • combine and magnify them across the complete spectrum of strengths, and
  • refract them outward for world benefit.

Participants will use strength-based methodologies such as Appreciative Inquiry that are increasingly part of the new business-led equation for positive change to present and discuss scholarship and practice.