Share Your AIM2Flourish Nominations Ideas

Saw a great Business for Good story? Know a fantastic business leader who is bringing a breakthrough innovation to market? Heard about an amazing new technology?

AIM2Flourish is looking for business innovation stories that are helping humanity. With your help, we will build a collection of great ideas that business students can use to submit fully-developed AIM2Flourish nominations to our online platform, AIM2Flourish.

How to Find Great “Business as an Agent of World Benefit” Stories

AIM2Flourish is about telling a new story of business. We know that there are wonderful, inspiring, business stories out there about business innovations that are best FOR the world, instead of best IN the world.

But we don’t hear about them.

Help us change that by sharing positive, innovative, inspiring business innovation stories with the whole world using social media, storytelling, and our individual and collective actions.

Here are some ideas:

  1. BUSINESS NEWS that contribute to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals (poverty, food, education, equality, justice...).
  2. COLLABORATIONS that help good things happen faster/more places between businesses, NGOs, governments and civil society.
  3. INNOVATIONS that help people thrive and the world flourish (examples: technology, renewable energies, market innovations, product innovations, business model innovations).
  4. BREAKTHROUGHS towards flourishing, instead of just sustainability (examples: net-positive, zero waste, circular economies, regenerative agriculture).
  5. LEADERSHIP by groups and teams that showcase how working together for the world is good for business.
  6. STORIES of business transformations from business-as-usual to full-spectrum flourishing, PEOPLE who make a difference, RESEARCH we should explore, BOOKS we should read, VIDEOS to watch, MEETINGS to attend, CLASSES to take.
  7. CONGRATULATE yourself and friends for achievements, awards, successes and breakthroughs that are helping the world.

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