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What is AIM2Flourish?

AIM2Flourish is the world’s first global initiative steering future business leaders towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and a flourishing world for all. Supported by the AIM2Flourish.com global learning platform, thousands of business students around the world are using Appreciative Inquiry (strength-based interviews) and the SDGs as a lens to search out and report on world-changing innovations. We celebrated the best-of-the-best in June 2017 with the inaugural Flourish Prizes. The 2018 Flourish Prizes were showcased in May 2018 with an online, global virtual celebration.

Our mission is to elevate business as a positive catalyst to change behavior and create a flourishing world for all.

Visit the AIM2Flourish.com website About Us page to learn more about the initiative.