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About AIM2Flourish

AIM2Flourish is the world's first higher-education program combining the United Nations' Global Goals for Sustainable Development and Business as an Agent of World Benefit. Using the UN Global Goals as their lens, students research and identify a positive business innovation and conduct an Appreciative Inquiry-type interview about it. The stories of these companies live on the platform as sources of inspiration for others.

How the AIM2Flourish program works:

AIM2Flourish starts in the classroom. The Fowler Center supports educators around the world by providing videos, classroom presentations, and materials to get started. All of our materials are available on the Professor Resources page of the AIM2Flourish website. These materials help teach students about the strengths-based Appreciative Inquiry approach, how business can act as an agent of world benefit, and the UN Global Goals. Then, students leave the classroom to conduct an in-person interview with a business leader, write a story about the positive and profitable business innovation, and (after a review process) publish their story on

The AIM2Flourish program, used by educators and faculty all over the world, gives students the opportunity to experience "Do Good, Do Well" leadership first-hand through conversations with business leaders and publishing their innovation stories on

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