EPS Membership | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

EPS Membership

EPS@Weatherhead offers an annual membership to individuals and corporations that want to get involved in the promotion and advancement of the practitioner-research philosophy.

The benefits of EPS@Weatherhead annual membership are:

  • Designation as CWRU Affiliate with access to various resources
  • Access to EPS@Weatherhead community members
  • Network with Weatherhead faculty
  • Connecting with the DM programs community
  • Subscription to Engages Management Review (EMR) journal


We expect EPS@Weatherhead members to be actively involved in the activities of the center, to connect with current DM program students, to review research work, and to become promoters of the engaged management scholarship agenda.

Research Fellows

Case Western Reserve University DM/DBA/PhD alumni may be selected as Research Fellows to the EPS@Weatherhead community.

The designation is maintained for a period of three years once the person has successfully prepared a research proposal and has received approval from the EPS program administrators.

Research Fellows receive an academic title of "EPS Fellow". Fellows also have exposure to research advisors, faculty, and some research resources to facilitate continued research.

Expectations for EPS Research Fellows:

  • Prepare and submit a formal research proposal to a research team and work within defined parameters
  • Present regular updates to various stakeholders
  • Publish and disseminate research findings
  • Maintain highest academic standards
  • Review DM Programs student research work
  • Promote EPS@Weatherhead at conferences, in social media and in practice

The benefits of the Research Fellow program at EPS@Weatherhead are:

  • Access to faculty and administrators
  • Three-year research agenda
  • Access to various CWRU and Doctor of Management Programs resources
  • Official and formal "EPS Research Fellow" designation
  • Subscription to Engaged Management ReView

EPS Fees:
Research Fellows pay a fee of $1,500 over a three-year period as follows: $500 in the first year and $500 for each of the following two years. Every year, EPS@Weatherhead is expected to welcome six to eight Research Fellows into the program. Candidates will be selected based on the merit of their formal research proposal. Should you be interested in becoming a Research Fellow, contact EPSWeatherhead@case.edu.