EPS Membership | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

EPS Membership

EPS@Weatherhead offers an annual membership to individuals and corporations that want to get involved in the promotion and advancement of the practitioner-research philosophy.

The benefits of EPS@Weatherhead annual membership are:

  • Access to EPS@Weatherhead community members
  • Connecting with the DM program community
  • Subscription to EMR journal
  • Discounted rates to community events (20% off)
  • Discounted rates to DM reunion (20% off)


Members of the EPS@Weatherhead pay an annual fee of $199 for individuals and $499 for corporations. Membership dues are due by August 30 of every year. Corporate members are considered members and sponsors of the community, and their names will be added to the list of corporate supporters of the EPS@Weatherhead community. Additional donations to EPS@Weatherhead are welcome.

We expect EPS@Weatherhead members to be actively involved in the activities of the center, to connect with current DM program students, to review research work, and to become promoters of the engaged management scholarship agenda.

Please contact EPSWeatherhead@case.edu if you wish to become a member.