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EPS@Weatherhead is organized within the Weatherhead School of Management as part of the Doctor of Management programs. The organizing of the community will be managed by the Doctor of Management program staff under the leadership of the academic director of the doctor of management programs. The activities of the community are coordinated and monitored by an Advisory Board. Its 12 members are representative of the practitioner-scholar community and represent Weatherhead alumni, faculty and external members who are thought leaders in engaged management scholarship. The current members of the board are:

  • Kalle Lyytinen (Chair)
  • Sue Nartker
  • Denise Rousseau
  • Mohan Reddy
  • Karen Oye
  • Jackie Stavros
  • John Aram
  • Bernard Bailey
  • Joe Mandato
  • Ann-Kowal Smith
  • Dale Hartz
  • Philip Cola
  • Stephan Liozu

The Board of Advisors is comprised of practitioner-scholars dedicated to the advancement of practitioner research and engaged scholarship practices. These Advisors have been very instrumental in the creation of EPS@Weatherhead and have provided a high level of support.