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Engaged Practitioner Scholar (EPS@Weatherhead)

Since 1995, the Weatherhead School of Management (WSOM) has been in the forefront of engaged management research with its creation of the first executive level Doctor of Management (DM) program. (currently the Doctor of Business Administration program.). This program was established to offer working professionals a platform to learn to conduct multi-disciplinary and applied research that they can bring back to the world of practice and/or disseminate in the academic world. Since 1995, over 300 students have successfully graduated from the DM programs and have published some of the most robust practitioner-scholar research papers and books. With this legacy of success and with a strong desire to stay in the forefront of the engaged practitioner field, WSOM established EPS@Weatherhead as one of the world’s leading practitioner-scholar communities.

Benefits of EPS Membership


Leverage a network of alumni, faculty and research resources to conduct practitioner-scholar research projects.


Participate in research workshops on methods and topics relevant to practitioner-scholar research.


Present research at conferences and publish findings in journals including Engaged Management ReView.


Make connections within the practitioner-scholar community through an alumni network and the Executive DBA Council (EDBAC).

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