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Weatherhead students and alumni can access additional networking resources on the Weatherhead intranet.

We facilitate networking opportunities to help our students, alumni, and employers make the right career connections. In addition to large networking opportunities like career fairs and information sessions, Weatherhead has several ways to network on a more personal level.

Network with Alumni

The Alumni Career Network, powered by Wisr, is a secure online database of alumni and students who have volunteered to assist each other through career advice and networking.

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Student Clubs

Get involved with a student club and get connected! Club membership is not just fodder for resume building; at Weatherhead, fellow club members represent a great support network, particularly as you begin your career search. These dynamic student groups organize events, work to benefit good causes, and create connections that can lead to internships and jobs post-graduation. Student clubs also invite representatives from related industries to participate in panel discussions or more informal conversations at Weatherhead. These present wonderful opportunities to meet people and learn about careers in your field of interest.

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Social Media

Building a network can make the difference when it comes to the job search, and networking doesn’t always have to happen face-to-face. Use Weatherhead’s network to your advantage when you are in the market for a position, and don’t forget social media. Stay in touch, make new friends and expand your network: join our groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.


Personal Connections

Weatherhead alumni are keen to continue their relationship with the school and establish connections with current students. Weatherhead students want to know what awaits them after graduation. Our Coffee Connections program is a win-win situation. An email invitation to participate is usually issued early on in the spring semester.

For more information, contact the Career Management Office at or at 216.368.3662.