2016 Distinguished Alumna

Majdi Abulaban, MBA ‘90

Beginning as a manufacturing engineer in Warren, Ohio in 1985, and expanding into management of various divisions within Delphi, to his position today as senior vice president of Delphi and president of Delphi Electrical/Electronic Architecture, Delphi Asia Pacific, Majdi Abulaban is a transformational and global leader, as demonstrated by this remarkable career.

In addition to his professional achievements, Abulaban has been instrumental in expanding Case Western Reserve’s outreach to alumni in Shanghai, China. His volunteer efforts serving as vice chairman of the Shanghai Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment and a member of the Corporate Advisory Board of Case Western Reserve University's Institute for Management and Engineering have been a great benefit to the our alumni and the University community at large.

More recently, at our Diploma Ceremony in May 2016, Abulaban graciously addressed our graduating class -- a true reflection of his allegiance to his alma mater.