• Case Western Reserve University has honored David L. Cooperrider, a global expert on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) with the Weatherhead School of Management, as a Distinguished University Professor, a title that acknowledges the outstanding contributions of full-time, tenured professors with a distinguished academic record of extraordinary research, scholarship, teaching and service.
  • For the first time since Case Western Reserve University established the award in 2008, the President’s Award for Visionary Achievement recognizes a family that embodies the award’s ideals of service to the university, humanity and the world: the Fowlers. Receiving the award are Charles “Chuck” Fowler, EMBA '90, Charlotte “Char” Fowler and their daughters and sons-in-law, Chann Fowler-Spellman and Edward F. Spellman, and Holley Fowler Martens and Robert F. Martens.
  • As one of the originators of the concept of sustainable value, Laszlo, PhD, professor of organizational behavior, brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role in the Fowler Center.
  • A fly-on-the-wall... or buck-on-the-wall... view of the most recent meeting of The Gorilla Group, Cleveland's premier entrepreneurial enterprise, named for Professor Richard Osborne and led by founding member Don Larson, MBA '01.
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