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Weatherhead Alumni Ambassadors

Participation creates community. Community creates opportunities.

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The Alumni Ambassadors Program fosters a greater alumni community by matching alumni interests and passion for the school with opportunities to engage with Weatherhead in ways that benefit students, alumni and the school.

The Alumni Ambassadors Program:

  • Enhances Weatherhead’s ability to recruit top students through personal connections and expanding the school’s reach
  • Connects professional resources of alumni with the career interests and needs of Weatherhead students and academic programming
  • Provides Weatherhead alumni the opportunity to foster alumni relationships and expand the alumni network
  • Creates a more diversified and impactful donor base for Weatherhead
  • Offers enriching activities according to the interests, time and talents of alumni

Ambassador Focus Areas


Ambassadors play a vital role in influencing the future composition of Weatherhead students by representing Weatherhead to prospective students through Admissions or their employers.

Career Management

Ambassadors connect with current students by helping them better understand and access their fields of interest. Their mentorship and ability to open doors will help students meet their career goals.


With a focus on building the alumni network through events and outreach, Ambassadors will promote opportunities for alumni to connect with one another and encourage support to strengthen Weatherhead.

The opportunities begin with you!

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